Pasta with chicken and mushrooms in a creamy sauce — recipe with photos, how to cook

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Cooking time: 90 min.
Person: 2 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Pasta with chicken and mushrooms in a creamy sauce - recipe with photos, how to cook


Pasta with chicken and mushrooms in a creamy sauce - Apogee deep milky flavor with spices and pieces of chicken. Already only one kind of food you can feel the taste of milk and cream on the lips.

However, the abundance of dairy products does not mean that the cream is fully score the taste of meat or mushrooms, because these seemingly different ingredients, like pasta, chicken, mushrooms and sauce, blend in this recipe harmoniously. Hen we'll pre-soaking in a special marinade, which will make it taste the deep and expressive.

Our detailed step by step recipe for pasta with chicken and mushrooms with photos clearly demonstrate each step of cooking. It is because of him, you will learn the secret of making the marinade, as well as technology obzharivaya fungi. Very easy to prepare this dish at home, especially if there is a detailed instruction.

Cook the pasta with chicken in a creamy sauce at home and has treated close delicious Italian dish.

cooking Steps

Chicken breast or fillet wash, get rid of the veins and bones, if any. On a cutting board with a sharp knife at a slight angle cut into the chicken into large pieces, as shown in the photo.

how to cut meat

To give the necessary meat spicy taste, prepare the marinade. In a deep bowl mix olive oil and dry white wine (enough to be 4 tablespoons). Mix and pour a little dry thyme. The finished mixture immerse the chicken pieces and send to marinate in the refrigerator at least one hour.

how to pickle

When the chicken soaked enough, we send them to the dry heated pan. It is best to do this in batches to large fillets do not interfere with each other and well browned. On each side enough to be 2-3 minutes.

how to roast

Ready rosy fillets lay in a clean container for cooling.

grilled meat

In the same pan prepare mushrooms. Mushrooms better not to wash, just wipe with a damp cloth or brush. If the washing and then only under a stream that they have absorbed water. Cut the mushrooms into large pieces and together with two tablespoons of olive oil put into the pan. To this was added water. Fry for 3 minutes.

frying mushrooms

When the mushrooms little Ujar and the water evaporated, add the cold milk, mixed with starch spoon. There also pour the remaining wine and cream. We bring the mixture to a boil and cook for 1 minute.

preparation of gravy

Noodles should be prepared in advance. Her cook according to the directions on the package. A lot of time it will not take. Already ready to add it to the pan, should be sent to the chicken pieces. All we mix well and cook for a few minutes.


The finished dish remove from heat and serve an on plates. Finely shinkuem green onion sprouts and decorate the pasta on top. Pasta with chicken and mushrooms in a creamy sauce is ready.

how to apply

Bon Appetit!