Pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese — a recipe how to cook at home

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Cooking time: 25 min.
Person: 10 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese - a recipe how to cook at home


Pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese, - the easiest and most common recipe for the traditional Russian pancakes. He was for many centuries and it is still extremely high demand. Pancakes with cottage cheese - obligatory dish in any restaurant of Russian cuisine menu. We prepare them at home, and at least no worse.

Our step by step recipe with pictures is amazingly simple. Its easy to master even the novice mistress. But in the main dish is not the complexity and taste. And it is in these spring rolls excellent.

The dough for our pancakes with cottage cheese cooked on milk. Salt and sugar are added to it, t. To. Because these ingredients pancakes often burn up. Curd also is not subject to little or no cooking processes (well, except that the cheese simply mixed with butter). And, nevertheless, pancakes turn out very tasty. And if you want them to be sweet, just pour pancakes favorite jam.

It's time to get to work!


Wheat flour
(240 g)

(0.4 L)

(2 pcs.)

Cottage cheese


Vegetable oil
(For frying)

cooking Steps

We expose on the table products for the preparation of dough.

ingredients for pancakes

Two eggs combine with a glass of milk, stir and gradually whisk Pour 240 g of sifted flour, continuing to interfere in order to avoid lumps. The resulting homogeneous mass breed the remaining milk until the consistency of liquid sour cream. The dough for pancakes ready.

batter for pancakes on milk

Now we get down to the stuffing. Half a kilo of cheese combine with butter. The quantity of oil depends on the consistency of cottage cheese and your taste, knead the mixture until smooth.

cottage cheese and butter

On a hot, missed vegetable oil pan fry thin pancakes.

How to fry the pancakes?

When they have cooled slightly, wrap them in cottage cheese and oil filling.

stuffed pancakes

Now our pancakes stuffed with cheese ready. It remains only to cut them in half, put in a dish, pour the jam and decorate with mint leaves.

cottage cheese pancakes

Bon Appetit!