Meat pasties — stuffed with ground beef, pig: the recipe with a photo

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Cooking time: 90 min.
Person: 4 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Meat pasties - stuffed with ground beef, pig: the recipe with a photo


Meat pasties - This eastern dish has a fine spicy taste. The name comes from its Crimean Tatar language and it means literally re water "raw pie." Widespread pasties obtained also in the kitchen of the peoples of the Caucasus.

Uses for such pies, usually meat filling. In the classic form, this must be minced lamb or finely chopped pieces of meat with finely chopped onions. It may also serve stuffed potatoes, rice with eggs and onions, and cheese.

In this photo, we offer the recipe to cook pasties stuffed with meat, but the meat itself, you can choose at its discretion, focusing on their tastes and the tastes of the household.

So, we proceed to cooking!


Wheat flour

Vegetable oil
(At its discretion)

(250 ml for the test, 6 tablespoons of the filling)

white salt

Chopped meat
(400 g)

Bulb onions
(150 g)

Fresh greens

cooking Steps

To start prepare all the necessary ingredients.

ingredients for chebureks

Prepare the dough for chebureks. For this bowl pour the required amount of flour, and then gradually introducing it into oil and water. All components are thoroughly mixed. As a result, should get a stiff dough. His we wrap in plastic food wrap and leave to rest at room temperature. Time it will take only about sixty minutes. This "break" will be quite elastic dough, so it will be quite easy to roll out.

Now for the filling: we shall cut onions finely, then add it to the minced meat. Then we mix the stuffing with meat broth or water, spreading it to a thick cream.

chopped meat

We share our com dough into equal pieces, weighing approximately 60 grams. From each of these pieces, we roll out the cake. In it we put a couple of tablespoons of the filling, as in the photo that follows.

with meat dough

Fold cake in half, trying to expel the air from it to cheburek not inflated during frying, and then do not burst.

How to sculpt pasties?

Good compress the edges so that they stuck together, and then make out the figure of a knife.

curly pastry dough

Pour into heated pan vegetable oil, and then send it our pasties. Fry them until golden brown. Also this dish can be prepared in deep fat (so it will be even better).

Serve meat pasties to the table hot!

How and how much to fry pasties?

Bon Appetit!!!