Marzipan roll — home recipe with step by step photos

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Cooking time: 140 min.
Person: 8 servings
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

Marzipan roll - home recipe with step by step photos


Marzipan roll - It's pretty tasty dessert. You can find it on the menu, even the most famous restaurants. However, this does not mean that you can not cook it yourself. The process is not too complicated, and following, the recommendations of this recipe, it will be easy to implement.

Roulade stuffed with marzipan is quite popular in European cuisine. For example, it is impossible to imagine Christmas in every French family without it's dessert. Though of course the Europeans are preparing him for entirely without water.

So, if you are interested in this dish, we invite you to cook it with us.


sweet Almond
(300 g)

(40 ml)

(1 PC.)

Wheat flour

white salt
(1/2 tsp)

Granulated sugar


(250 ml)

cooking Steps

First, clean the skin of almonds. To do this, you need nuts for a couple of minutes and soak in boiling water. Then, the peel is easily removed with your fingers.

Almond dry, and then submit it in the thicket of the blender.

How to clean the skin of almonds?

Now you need a good chop almonds, as in the photo that follows.

Almonds - how to grind?

Half a cup of water bring to a boil, then pour into it the sugar and dissolve it. Simmer the liquid has to just a couple of minutes and.

sugar syrup

Sweet water is mixed with crushed almonds, and then the mixture is poured a couple of tablespoons of rum. Thereafter the mass is pulverized again blender.

How to make marzipan?

Now we proceed to the preparation of the dough. For this purpose, we mix in a blender butter, chicken eggs and sugar.

egg, butter and sugar in a blender, mix

The mass should be homogeneous. To it should be added to the milk and once more to break through a blender.

batter in the blender

Sift flour, adding thereto yeast and salt, and a mixture previously prepared. Then knead it's all good, and the resulting dough leave in a warm place for an hour in all. During this period it must come.

What fits the dough?

We roll out our yeast dough in a narrow layer of (width not more than half a centimeter).

roll dough

Lubricate dough stuffed with marzipan and turn it into a roll.

marzipan filling

we roll Bake for sixty minutes at 170 degrees.

bake roll dough

Ready marzipan roll cooled, cut it into portions and serve.

roll with marzipan filling cut into portions

Bon Appetit!!!