Marble eggs — a simple recipe for coloring eggs for Easter

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Cooking time: 40 min.
Person: 7 servings
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

Marble eggs - a simple recipe for coloring eggs for Easter


Marble eggs for Easter - Very bright, beautiful and effective way to dye Easter testicles, with the main secrets that you will introduce our today's step by step recipe with photos.

To achieve this effect is quite simply at home. You will need only onion skins, at least two types (red, yellow, blue, etc.), Pan, Vodicka, thread, scissors, cotton handkerchiefs to wrap eggs and, of course, themselves testicles. Time for painting Easter eggs in a similar way, you will spend a bit more than their homogeneous staining onion skins, but the result will be much more impressive.

So, we prepare all the necessary props and start to work!


(7 pcs.)


cooking Steps

Put on your work surface everything you need to create a marble egg.

eggs in onion skins

Part of the onion peel once, place in a saucepan with water and send it on the stove to prepare a decoction.

onion peel

The second part of the husk melenko cut (the smaller, the "Marmara" will turn the eggs) and place in the center of the cotton handkerchiefs measuring approximately 20 cm x 20 cm. It is important that this husk certainly was colored, otherwise the beautiful marble divorce will not work.

How to paint eggs husks?

Now take a raw egg and soak it in water to enhance coupling.

a raw egg

Wet roll the egg in onion skins.

egg painting

Then put in the center of the wipe.

Easter dish with their hands

Plump wrap.

How to decorate traditional Easter product?

Firmly wrap the workpiece thread.

tissue packaging

Using a tablespoon, place egg wrapped in onion broth, which had already must simmer for 10-15 minutes and to get rich red-brown shade.

onion broth

Cook the egg in broth to half an hour.

How to boil eggs for painting?

After that, we take out, cool in cold water, is released from the tissue and look at the result.

How cool?

I'm sure he will not disappoint you!

eggs decoration

And that marble egg on Easter look even more spectacular, lubricate it with oil to shine.

oil rub

Not afraid of a little more difficult technique? Then, apart from the husk, put it in a handkerchief, and even cereals (rice, wheat, barley), to get a spectacular spots.

Easter eggs are ready!

Light of Easter to you!