Lazy coat — cooking recipe with photo-snack salad with herring

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Cooking time: 25 min.
Person: 10 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Lazy coat - cooking recipe with photo-snack salad with herring


Lazy fur coat - this appetizer, which has kept a taste of "Herring under a fur coat" favorite salad, but its preparation will take you about 20 minutes. Spread layers of traditional coat - rather troublesome business, and to the arrival of guests need to have time to set the table. Nothing else to do but to include fantasy and fill the "white boats" egg stuffed with wonderful taste of classic Dressed Herring.

Lazy coat in eggs can be served as a holiday, and on the everyday table. Prepare an original appetizer for dinner - and your husband will be pleasantly surprised when he hears the familiar taste of the beloved herring under a fur coat in the little boats from eggs. Even Children who do not get to eat salad "Herring under a fur coat", will be happy to tuck into a lazy coat.

On our table lazy coat took the place of honor, declaring himself the beauty and speed of clearance arrangements. But time is never enough, especially when guests arrive to remain a matter of minutes.

By using our step by step recipe with photos, you can quickly and easily cook a lazy fur coat with herring. In less than half an hour, as your favorite salad in the form of original snacks will adorn the holiday table.


(1 large or 2 small)

(2 pcs.)

(1 pc. Medium Size)

Bulb onions
(1/2 pcs.)

(3-4 pcs.)


Fresh greens
(Taste for decoration)

white salt

cooking Steps

Prepare beets, potatoes, carrots and eggs. Wash vegetables under cold running water, using a sponge. Next, you need to spread the ingredients for a variety of pots and cover them with cold water so that it completely covers the vegetables. Put on medium heat and cook until cooked. At the end of cooking, drain the water and fully cool for products.


Clean herring from the skin, neatly gutted from the inside, separate from the ridge, remove the bones, turned to fillet. Then chop the fish for lazy fur into small pieces.

fish fillets

Cook eggs. To do this, put them in a pan, fill with cold water and adding a few tablespoons of salt, so that the protein is not leaked in the event of damage to the shell. After boiling, cook the eggs for about 10 minutes. Then spread them with a slotted spoon in a bowl of ice water and leave until cool.

boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs cleaned, washed residue from the shell and cut into halves.

egg halves

Yolks, which will be used to decorate the fur lazy, you need to put in a small container.


Carefully mash yolks fork.

chopped yolk

Beets, carrots and potatoes need to grate and put in a deep container.

grated vegetables

Onions previously peeled and spread on a cutting board.


Shinkuem small cubes about 5 millimeters and add up in a bowl of vegetables.

onions with vegetables

Egg yolks, mix with beets, carrots, potatoes and onions.

egg yolk with vegetables

Adding a small amount of mayonnaise to the yolk and chopped grated vegetables.


Carefully interfere next salad.

how to stop

After that, spread the filling into the prepared egg whites. If she stayed, you can cook the lazy fur coat and the next day.

stuffed squirrel

We prepare a dish, on which we will upload the finished snack, and decorate it "a fan" of the bow.

how to decorate

After the egg halves are filled with the filling, spread on a "boat" a small piece of fish fillet.

herring fillets

Sprinkle the top with egg yolk. Believe me, that came unexpectedly, guests will be delighted by the lazy coats and immediately eat the tasty snacks until the last bite.

lazy snack

Bon Appetit!