Kyiv cake — step by step recipe with photos at home

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Cooking time: 4320 min.
Person: 10 servings
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Cooking process

Kyiv cake - step by step recipe with photos at home


Kyiv cake - It is a work of confectionary art. Crispy cakes and delicate cream, moderate sweetness - all this makes it a truly unique and so different from all the other cakes. And it makes Kyiv cake so popular. Probably, there is not anyone who would not love this wonderful dessert.

It is believed that the recipe of the Kiev cake was invented by accident. Confectioners, who worked at the Kiev confectionery factory, somehow forgot to remove the cooling chamber batch of egg whites, which was intended for the manufacture of biscuits. They stood the whole night and strayed. As a result, the chief biscuit shop, in order to hide colleagues miss, based on these proteins has prepared the most famous Kiev cake.

Returning to the question of the preparation of the Kiev cake, just note that this is a long process. He stretched for about three days. However, this does not mean that you will have all these days bezvylazno sit in the kitchen. Just between some of the stages of cooking dessert to take a break in 10-12 hours. Therefore, if your intention is to cook this dessert for any celebration, keep in mind that it must be done in advance, otherwise the cake for the favorite would have to run to the store. But do not be afraid of the long cooking process. In fact, to prepare this dessert is not too difficult, especially if you follow all of the recommendations of this step recipe photos.

So if you have decided to cook a real home Kyiv cake for guests, then please be sure to electronic scales. Dimension of the ingredients may not be violated in any case. It is a strict correspondence amount of a particular component, as well as the implementation of all the recommendations of the recipe will yield a cake with a taste like childhood!


Egg white
(200 g)

(235 g to 200 g of cake + cream)

Wheat flour

(1 PC.)

(150 ml)


Cocoa powder

(1 tbsp. L.)

cooking Steps

To begin to ferment proteins for the preparation of cakes Kiev cake. For this very carefully to separate them from the yolks, put in a bowl, and send in a warm place for a period of twelve to twenty four hours. As time passes Let us preparing the granular component of the test above. To do this, mix in a bowl 150 grams of the roasted and crushed nuts (Nuts, choose to your taste), 185-five grams of sugar and 45 grams of wheat flour be.

friable dough

Now for proteins that we previously inoculated. They need to shake up the status of soft white foam. To this foam add fifty grams of sugar and a packet of vanilla sugar. After this, the proteins again stir thoroughly using a mixer.

whisk cream

Pour the beaten egg whites to the nut-flour mixture.

nuts with cream

Mass mix gently upwards until it reaches until homogenous.

homogeneous mass

We get out of the closet a baking dish, and then it was covered with food paper (parchment). In this case, the diameter of molds used and twenty-three and twenty centimeters. Put the dough for cakes for the shaper. Height should get about two centimeters.

baking dish

Korzh need to bake in the oven at 150 degrees, ie within two hours. In this case you need to bake two cakes at once. If this is not possible, it is necessary to prepare each cake separately. The forms derive from the oven. Sami shortcakes with parchment paper derive from the molds and leave them to cool for a time from twelve hours to twenty four hours. After this time shortcakes will become a nice beige color and become denser. Now they can remove the parchment paper.

bake cakes

Let's start cooking delicate cream Sharllot. To do this, take out from the fridge pack of butter 250 grams of weight. Oil must warm up to room temperature. Now, prepare the syrup. In a fairly deep tank mix 150 tons milliliters of milk and one egg. This should be done very carefully, so that in the future with the addition of sugar is not curled yolk.

Sharllot cream

Pour into a liquid sugar obtained earlier, and then send it to the fire to boil. It does not worry that a protein will fold, because a large amount of sugar added to the mix, it will prevent this. After boiling the mixture should boil for about five minutes, during which time it will start popping bubbles and texture become more dense and viscous, like condensed milk.

cook cream

Transfused workpiece under our cream in a bowl and cover with her film. We leave to cool in that state to room temperature.

Let cool cream

Warmed butter spread in a bowl, add to it a bag of vanilla sugar, and then, using a mixer, whisk it.

mix the butter and syrup

According to pour a tablespoon of oil in the egg-milk syrup made previously, while continuing to whisk the mixture with a mixer or an electric whisk.

whisk mixer

We separate the two hundred grams of the resulting cream we Sharllot. In this part of the cream we add the cocoa powder (2.5 teaspoon to a small hill).

add cocoa

Using a mixer, mix thoroughly with cocoa cream. He, in turn, must be solid colors.

with cocoa cream

In the rest of the white cream add just one tablespoon of the ridge. The cream is thoroughly mixed. Down laid the cake that turned out more in diameter. It lubricates delicious cream Sharllot, and then set the second cake. Carefully, using a knife, cut the cake bottom so that both the cake to be equal in diameter. Trimming is not in a hurry to eat! They will be useful to us for decoration.

Put the cakes

Daubed the sides of our Kiev cake cocoa cream.

lubricates the sides

Remnants of cocoa cream lubricates the top of the dessert.

We cover the top of the

Remnants of white and chocolate cream decorate our dessert. In this case, the piping bag was used for this purpose. However, you can decorate the cake as you wish. At this stage, we still useful and cutting the cake, crushed into crumbs. Them we prisyplem sides of our cake.

cake Decorating

Ready shipping Kyiv cake in the refrigerator for about four hours. During this period, it is well soaked, and will be even better! As you can see, to cook this dessert at home, though long, but not difficult. This recipe is proof! We can only cook a delicious flavored tea, and you can start tasting the home Kiev cake!

ready Kiev cake

Bon Appetit!