Khanum with meat and potatoes — in a double boiler recipe with a photo

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Cooking time: 80 min.
Person: 3 servings
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

Khanum with meat and potatoes - in a double boiler recipe with a photo


Khanum with meat and potatoes - A traditional recipe of eastern dishes. Preparing Aliyeva is very simple, because it almost does not require any preliminary preparations. Those dumplings are prepared much more complicated, and the taste of these dishes is very similar. Today we prepare Aliyeva for the simplest recipe in a double boiler. To create a stuffing with the meat will be used more and potatoes: this practice is widely used in many Eastern cuisines. All because this Aliyeva get even more satisfying.

Step by step recipe with photos very easy and affordable will tell you how to cook Aliyeva with meat and potatoes. The meat for this delicious roll with filling, you can choose absolutely any: lamb, beef or pork. You can even cook with chicken Aliyeva. These spices and ketchup make a hearty and unusual toppings to taste. This dish was created in the home are certain to appreciate your loved ones. We proceed to the preparation.


(180 ml)

(70 ml)

(1 PC.)

white salt
(1 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of dough + for filling)

(1 hr. L.)

Wheat flour
(3-4 tablespoons).

Chopped meat

(Medium, 2 pcs.)

Bulb onions
(2 pcs.)

(2.1 hr. L.)

Pepper black ground
(2.1 hr. L.)


Fresh greens

cooking Steps

First, prepare the dough, because he needed time to infuse. In a deep bowl, mix gently warmed milk in a specified volume, add salt and sugar, the flour gently fall asleep a few tablespoons of flour and mix the ingredients thoroughly. After that, pour the oil into a bowl and break one egg, stir again.

Ingredients for the dough

Also, the specified amount of water bring to a boil and pour into a bowl in portions, stir. Absorb remaining part of the whole flour and start kneading process.

bring water to the boil

We should have a pretty steep and dense dough, which we wrap in plastic wrap and leave in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes to make it real.

wrap the dough in film

During this time we have time to prepare for stuffing Aliyeva. Stuffing can be lamb or beef, at will, you can make it mixed. Pours stuffing in a bowl. Onions finely cleanse and shinkuem sharp knife. Shipment sliced ​​onion to the meat. At this stage all fall asleep in minced spices and a tablespoon of ketchup. Thoroughly mix the ingredients.

filling for Khanuma

Potatoes are washed and cleansed, then cut into small cubes, as shown in the photo.

prepare potatoes

As a green suit chives, parsley or cilantro. Thoroughly wash selected greens and cut it.

greens for Khanuma

During this time, the dough is enough to insist, so remove it from the refrigerator, cut into 2-3 pieces. Roll out the first piece of dough into a thin layer and round. Over it smooth evenly spread the meat filling. Also we distribute the dough sliced ​​potatoes.

roll out the dough

The final layer we serve chopped greens.

Put the stuffing

Carefully wrap the dough into a tight roll and carefully stick together all the edges so as not to have lost shape during cooking Aliyeva.

wrap Aliyeva

We spread the loaf in the shape of a double boiler, which is pre-lubricate with vegetable oil. Cooking Aliyeva for 40-50 minutes.

Aliyeva in a double boiler

Ready-made meals are served to the table only hot with any sauce. Khanum with meat and potatoes ready.

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