Indian carrot halva — recipe with photos

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Cooking time: 60 min.
Person: 5 servings
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

Indian carrot halva - recipe with photos


Indian carrot halva - A delicious vegan dessert, which is a native of Northern India. Although this version of halva very unusual for us, but he turns out not less tasty. Nuts in its preparation, by the way, is still used. In this case - it is cashew. If we consider the Indian cookery in general, it will be obvious that many of the traditional Indian desserts prepared it from fruits and vegetables. Therefore it is not surprising that they halva is made on the basis of a carrot.

The preparation of this dessert is that carrots, with nuts and raisins podsaharennyh boiled in milk to a state density. Serve this halva, or simply applying it to the plate, or in forming a candy with special molds and decorate the top by a nut. Trust and the aesthetic aspect of this dessert and taste just on top. As for the time to cook, it takes about an hour, no more. Not so much for tasty and healthy dessert!

Prepare a sweetness of the carrots in the Indian very easy at home, as we will tell you in this recipe with step by step photos.


(A large, 5 pcs.)

(Article 2/3).

(1 tbsp.)

Ghee ghee
(1 tbsp. L.)

(2 handfuls)

roasted cashew
(50-60 g)

cooking Steps

First you need to prepare the main ingredient in our recipe - carrots. Her we shall clear, we shall wash up, and then sodium, using a large grater.

shinkuem carrots

Set the pan on the fire, in the very pan send ghee. When it melts, send him a carrot. Fry it we will be on low heat for 10-15 minutes and, stirring constantly. Then volem milk into the pan.

Warms ghee

Carrot milk and stir, and then these products Pour sugar (You can not use white refined and brown cane - so will be much more useful). Tomim carrots in the pan until therefrom until all the liquid has evaporated and the sweetness itself thickens. If halva simmer over low heat, then the process will take about half an hour.

add sugar

Now we need the fried cashews and raisins previously washed with water.

roasted cashews

The two previously mentioned ingredients in the pan to send carrot halva.

add raisins

The contents of the pan stir and simmer it for about five minutes and (still simmered).

simmer halva

Give carrot halva from Indian-bit cool and serve it on the table. At the request of a halva candy can be formed. This option is appropriate dessert for the holiday table when important also its aesthetic component.

halva ready

Bon Appetit!