Hrenovina home — recipe with photos on how to do in winter

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Cooking time: 40 min.
Person: 10 servings
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

Hrenovina home - recipe with photos on how to do in winter


hrenovina home - This is a very popular hot sauce that is often served to main dishes with meat. The well-established over the years the recipe home hrenoviny can add a little ground black or red pepper and vinegar, or carrots. Crap wine tasted almost every where ate pasta, dumplings or ravioli. Also, many just smear it on bread. In this piquant conservation there is a huge number of titles, in addition to "hrenoviny", for example, hrenoder and light. Bollocks is a special sauce, which is prepared based on horseradish roots. In a blockage it perfectly kept all winter in the refrigerator. Save the sauce long as possible by increasing the amount of horseradish and garlic in its composition, so pay attention to the amount of these ingredients.

Positive properties of hrenoviny in abundance, especially if it is cooked at home. For example, horseradish root on the body has an antimicrobial effect which protects cold and various infections in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, horseradish cleanses the blood, lowers blood sugar levels, improves kidney function and stimulates the gastro-intestinal tract.

It is necessary to replace that the main benefit of this seasoning is revealed most a few weeks infusion. So cooking hrenoviny need to do at least a few days before the sauce you'll need, and it is better to prepare it for the winter.

For more information about how to make a damn at home, it will be told in the future step by step recipe with photos.


A tomato
(1 kg)



white salt
(1-2 h. L.)

(1 hr. L.)

cooking Steps

All the necessary ingredients for cooking put in front of him on the table. The root of horseradish well my, clean and once more my. Just proceed with the remaining vegetables.

sauce ingredients

Washed tomatoes with horseradish root was crushed by a meat grinder. Davim garlic chesnokodavke.

how to grind

The finished refined mass add sugar and salt and mix thoroughly all ingredients.

Vegetable mix

Ready sauce spread on clean sterilized jars and lids roll up. Very useful jars small (100 to 500 ml).

hrenovina for winter

Bon Appetit!