Gulab Jamuna — simple step by step recipe with photos, how to cook

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Cooking time: 80 min.
Person: 24 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Gulab Jamuna - simple step by step recipe with photos, how to cook


Gulab Jamuna - Indian sweets in the form of small appetizing cakes, which are prepared in three stages. The first thing we have to knead the dough for such hearty pastries. Gulab Jamuna kneaded semolina, flour, dry milk and conventional. This concentration of dairy ingredients makes this delicious dessert, sweet and creamy. After kneading the dough, which is the first stage, we will fry our shaped cakes in vegetable oil, like deep-fried. This step will allow the dessert to acquire very dense and crispy delicious crust. The final step will be the preparation of cakes in the boiling sugar syrup with the addition of rose water.

For more information about all the stages of cooking, you know, if you read our step by step recipe for gulab Jamuna with photos. Miniature milk balls soaked with dissolved sugar and aroma of rose water. By the way, this same flavor of rose water is inherent in many classical Indian sweets. We proceed to the preparation of dessert gulab Jamuna at home.



(800 ml)

Milk powder

Wheat flour
(2 tbsp)

Baking soda
(1/2 tsp)

(1 tablespoon)

Ghee ghee
(2 tbsp)

(1 cup)

cooking Steps

In a deep bowl, mix the appropriate specified amount of milk powder, two tablespoons flour, baking soda, semolina and ghee.

dough made of flour and semolina

Fill a bowl ordinary milk at room temperature, carefully knead all ingredients until smooth usual wooden spoon.

the dough with milk

On a clean, dry countertop lay shaped dough and continue kneading his hands already, if necessary, add a little more milk.

knead the dough by hand

Divide all the dough into portions pieces, the size of which must not exceed a walnut. Of the total weight of the preparation of the test we should have about 24 pieces.

the dough into small pieces

Shape each piece of dough neat round ball.

dough balls

Heat the pan at the bottom with a dense oil: it should be sufficient to substantially completely formed pellets were immersed in oil.

frying in a pan

Fry the balls in batches until golden brown in hot oil very quickly so that the dough does not absorbed the oil cooled down.

Donuts in a pan

Skimmer shift the balls on the plate, which must be pre-lay a paper towel: so will drain all the excess oil.

dough fried in butter

Likewise, all fry remaining dough balls.

How to fry the donuts in oil?

All of the above amount of sugar pour into a saucepan or a suitable pan, fill with water to the same. On medium heat, heat the sugar to dissolve it completely.

water with sugar

Stir sweet liquid with a wooden spoon for 10 minutes at the lowest heat.

sweet syrup

The liquid in the pot should be in their same consistency as syrup. Then add to it rosewater.

sugar syrup

Fried in a pan together balls lay in a saucepan with sugar syrup.

donuts in syrup

The liquid bring to a boil and cook for a few minutes so our balls.

milk balls

We take out the sweet milk balls of sugar syrup with a slotted spoon.

round donuts

Dessert spread on a dish and allowed to cool.

Indian dessert

The finished dish is decorated with fresh mint leaves and serve. Indian dessert gulab Jamuna ready.

recipe with photos cooking dessert gulab Jamuna

Bon Appetit!