Gravy beef in multivarka — recipe with photos, how to cook

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Cooking time: 120 min.
Person: 6 servings
Complexity: Average

Cooking process

Gravy beef in multivarka - recipe with photos, how to cook


Gravy beef in multivarka cooked very quickly and easily at home. Every single element of this dish is in the process of extinguishing sated and fed with the taste and flavor of the other ingredients. Such a sauce of beef is perfect as a supplement to garnish or become a major independent dish, which can be fed cooked vegetables, cereal or pasta. Before you cook directly gravy, we fry, rather, bake slices of fresh beef: meat so provide more juice and will become even more delicious.

Each ingredient of this dish - an integral part of it. Without the vegetables you can not get a full-bodied and tart taste, flour is a great thickener and tomatoes will give a sour taste.

Step by step recipe for beef gravy in multivarka with photos can be found below and learn from him all the subtleties and secrets of the creation of this delicious dish. In addition to the existing spices you can easily diversify their sleep juice your favorite dried herbs. To acuity in gravy with beef, it can make all kinds of peppers and garlic. Prepare the gravy from beef in accordance with their taste preferences, because it allows the prescription.

Proceed as soon as possible to cook a thick and hearty gravy with beef and tomatoes in multivarka!


Beef tenderloin
(700 g)

Bulb onions
(1 PC.)

(1 PC.)

Wheat flour
(2 tbsp)

Vegetable oil
(3 tablespoons)

Pepper black ground

cooking Steps

The selected piece of beef tenderloin thoroughly washed in cold water, then dry them and only then cut into small pieces as shown in the photo.

beef slices

In this step, a pour cup Multivarki specified amount of cooking oil and a good warm it for 20 minutes in a batch mode. When the oil is sufficiently warmed up, spread to it pieces of meat and fry them under the lid closed for 8-10 minutes.

roast meat in multivarka

Open the lid and fall asleep in a bowl Multivarki meat required amount of sifted flour. Thoroughly mix the ingredients and cook the meat for another 5 minutes. Cooked meat is taken out of the bowl and spread on a clean plate.

cook the meat in flour

Adding multivarku in a little vegetable oil, heats it. Carrots wash, clean and rub on a coarse grater itself. Onions and purify shinkuem so finely as you want it. Fry the vegetables until soft and transparent in hot oil in multivarka.

zazharki in multivarka

Add the vegetables to the required amount of tomato paste, cooked earlier pieces of beef, salt and pepper to taste, and at the request of a variety of spices and seasonings.

meat sauce with tomato paste

Now we have to fill a bowl to the beef broth ingredients and carefully mix. Simmer gravy beef in the appropriate mode for 1.5 hours under the lid closed until cooked. Put the finished dish on plates and hot to the table. Gravy beef stewed in multivarka ready.

Meat sauce of beef is ready!

Bon Appetit!