Ginger-lemon tea — a step by step recipe for brewing with photos

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Cooking time: 15 minutes.
Person: 3 servings
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Ginger-lemon tea - a step by step recipe for brewing with photos


Ginger-lemon tea - A delicious spicy drink that warms a cold chilly day and will soon overcome the cold. However, if we introduce it in your diet and drink constantly, no acute respiratory infections and influenza are you scary! This tea is well strengthens the immune system. Ginger root, a part of the drink, will have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on the body. In addition, it promotes discharge of phlegm, that is, has expectorant action. But lemon - it is a known antiseptic. It will contribute to the fight against germs and viruses. So, as you can see, the ginger-lemon tea is simply irreplaceable during the cold!

Useful properties of the drink does not end there. His show drink for people suffering from diabetes, as ginger is able to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics and it is known to be overestimated. Also ginger-lemon tea reduces sugar cravings, it helps to normalize digestion. It promotes it and accelerate metabolism. That is why this tea should be drunk obese people, or simply those who want to get rid of the extra kilos a pair of threes. By the way, if you drink spiced drink before a meal, the feeling of hunger blunted, and you will eat much less.

Talking about the benefits of ginger-lemon tea can be a very long time. That only is the fact that the Indians drink it more than one millennium. They believe that this tea perfectly toned body and invigorates, gives a healthy skin color, charge a good mood. Even Buddhist monks are advised to consume this drink. Enrich it by various components (herbs and spices) can affect almost any organ of the patient, and to cure almost any ailment.

But from words to deeds. Let us turn to the study of single-step recipe with photos, talking about how to brew tasty and healthy tea from ginger root and lemon in the home.


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Honey bee

cooking Steps

We prepare all the necessary products: cut off a small piece of ginger, lemon will wash thoroughly and cut in half, a couple of tea spoons of honey Put in a glass.

ingredients for tea

Lemon sliced ​​and send it to the teapot. Previously it can squeeze it to let the juice, but you can mash fork right into the teapot. Now the turn of ginger root. His we purify using peelers, and then we shall cut by narrow platelets. Ginger also send in teapot.

clean ginger

Fill in the teapot boiling water and leave our tea to infuse for five minutes and. You can insist longer, then get a drink little sharper. Ready tea poured into cups of honey, stir and enjoy.

* Volume teapot 800 ml of the infusion lasts for three cups.

delicious tea

Bon Appetit!