Easter cake with candied fruit — delicious recipe with a photo

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Cooking time: 290 min.
Person: 12 servings
Complexity: Average

Cooking process

Easter cake with candied fruit - delicious recipe with a photo


Easter cake with candied fruit can cook almost every Ukrainian family, and, nevertheless, this baking recipes are different. The results, of course, too. About how in the home prepares the most delicious Easter cry in Ukrainian, you will learn from this step recipe with photos.

Yeast cakes for Easter prepare simple, but for a long time, because Opara need time to come. But the pastry turns out air and gentle. In preparing Easter cake with candied fruit according to our recipe with photos you take about 5 hours. However, until the dough will rasstaivatsya, you can do other things, so to spend all 5 hours at cooking you do not have. Bake the kulichiki quickly: just 20-25 minutes - and a wonderful Easter pastry is ready!

So do not pull on time and quickly move on to cooking!


Wheat flour
(1.3-1.5 kg)

(28 tablespoons)

Egg yolk
(6 pcs.)

Egg white
(6 pcs.)

Sour cream
(100 ml)

(200 g)

(500 ml)

pressed yeast

Candied fruit
(200 g)

(200 g)

(1/2 tsp)


Sprinkling confectionery
(For decoration)

cooking Steps

Prepare the ingredients for the Easter cake with candied fruit.

ingredients for dough

For the sponge in a separate container in a pint of warm milk diluted with 50 g of compressed yeast, add 5 tablespoons. l. spoons of sugar and a little flour to the mixture resembled dough for pancakes. Cover the container with a towel and put in 1-1.5 hours in the heat. Ready Opara noticeable increase in the volume and bubbled.

Opara yeast

When this happens, put it in the 6 egg yolks packet of melted butter, 100 ml fat sour cream (preferably homemade), ½ h. L. salt, 11 Art. l. sugar, the remaining flour (about 1 kg) and vanillin and knead the dough. T. To. It will be sticky, it is desirable to grease the hands with oil. Knead dough until smooth (it may take up to 10 minutes). Then add to it the zest of one orange or lemon (your choice), as well as 200 grams of candied fruits and raisins. All good mix. The resulting mass put away from drafts in the heat where it should go twice (both times the dough punched).

dough with dried fruits

After that, a little more than half full, fill the test forms for Easter cakes and set aside for half an hour in the heat of their rasstaivatsya. Coming up kulichiki put in preheated 180 degree oven and bake for 20-25 minutes and.

bake cakes

Ready Easter cakes from the oven. Let cool slightly and cover the top with a mixture of 6 egg whites, whipped with Article 12. l. sugar in a tight foam. Top decorate pasochki confectionery Topping.

How to decorate a cake?

See how delightfully gentle, airy and sunny Easter cake looks so in the context!

air pastries

Christ is risen!

Yeast Passover ready!

Bright and happy Easter to you!