Compote of cherries with pits for the winter — the recipe with a photo

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Cooking time: 600 min.
Person: 1 portion
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Compote of cherries with pits for the winter - the recipe with a photo


Compote of cherries in the winter - Is one of the best vitamin drinks that can prepare summer. This compote is much more useful store juices and fruit drinks. Therefore it is not surprising that in early June, when the cherries ripen, many mistresses are wondering how to cook and roll cherry compote. In fact, this procedure is quite easy and does not require you a lot of time and effort, and even more so if you decide to roll cherries with pits (in the drink taste it will have no effect).

By the way, compote of cherries - it is the most delicious way to prepare berries in winter, since they can not be frozen, and are not jam boil. Also recipe for delicious vitamin drink is so simple that it will not cause difficulties even in the still very young hostess.

To prepare cherry compote need only own berries, sugar and water. Incidentally, the number of required ingredients in the recipe is based on a three-liter jar. So that the number of components increase proportionally to the number of jars you plan to roll.

So, we proceed directly to the very recipe cherry compote in the winter, which, by the way, is provided with step by step photos that certainly facilitate understanding of the process of cooking homemade beverage.



(120 g (polstakana))


cooking Steps

Recall again that the amount of ingredients in the recipe is based on a three-liter jar.

So, first of all, prepare 500 grams of red cherries. It must be thoroughly cleaned from all external contamination. Bones do not need to be removed, but the opposite tails.

cherry berry

Also, please be two and a half liters of filtered water.

filtered water

Ahead of time, prepare 120 grams of sugar (it is a little more than half a glass).

granulated sugar

Cherries ship banks. By the way, note that there are no instances propped among the berries and fruit compote can somehow derail after seaming.

sweet cherry in the bank

* Banks advance sterilize!

Now cherry bank pour boiling water, then leave to cool our billet compote (in time it can take up to eight hours).

pour boiling water cherries

The liquid from the cans merge into a large pot and then send it to the plate. It must boil.

cherry compote

The banks with berries fill with sugar and fill them with a boiling unsweetened compote.

cherries in sugar

Banks with Cherry compote roll up for the winter and turn them upside down. In this position they will remain until cool.

How to roll compote?

Now jars with compote of cherries can be removed in a dark place, for example, in the pantry. Leave them for three or four months. During this time the drink will taste better and richer. We recommend to open in late fall and throughout the winter.

Compote of cherries with pits ready!

Here and ready tasty and useful compote of red cherries in the winter!