Chicken stuffed — recipe with photos, step by step how to cook

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Cooking time: 140 min.
Person: 20 servings
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

Chicken stuffed - recipe with photos, step by step how to cook


Chicken stuffed we will prepare at home with vegetable roasting and hearty gravy.

As a basis we take not a usual cabbage and Beijing: leaves her more subtle and delicate. However, preparing such stuffed minced chicken in much the same way as usual. Our step by step recipe for stuffed chicken with a photo it will show you in detail.

Below you will find not only a very visual ingredients cooking instructions for chicken stuffed cabbage, but also a system of phased wrapping the finished sausage meat in cabbage leaves.

Stuffed with minced chicken alone will not sufficiently nourishing, so we add in minced fried onions and carrots, and even boiled rice. These stuffed cabbage will turn out incredibly hearty, delicious and deep taste.

Cook stuffed chicken can be in large quantities and eat more than one day. Serve this dish is usually for dinner or lunch together with sour cream.

We proceed to the preparation of stuffed cabbage with minced chicken and rice into fragrant gravy.


Chinese cabbage
(1 head)

Chicken minced

Groats rice
(Article 1/3).

(2 pcs.)

Bulb onions
(3 pcs.)

Sour cream
(200 g)

Vegetable oil
(For frying)

Pepper black ground

white salt

cooking Steps

We will prepare all the necessary ingredients for cooking cabbage minced chicken.

required ingredients

Thoroughly rinse the head Chinese cabbage, remove the top sheet, if they are damaged. With a sharp knife cut a 5 cm base of head: sheets in the place is very tight and they can not be properly wrapped.

Chinese cabbage

Separated by sheets, as shown in the photo.

Sheets chinese cabbage

In a deep saucepan bring to a boil the water and bring it down to 10 minutes in her cabbage leaves: at the bottom of the most dense, and on top of the ones that are thinner.

cabbage leaves in boiling water

The water from the pots were discarded, and slightly cooled the leaves spread out to dry on a plate.

boiled cabbage leaves

The bulbs are cleaned from the husk, and chop finely so as you will be comfortable.

chopped onion

Carrots cleanse and rub on a coarse grater.

grated carrots

Preheat a frying pan with a little vegetable oil, spread on her sliced ​​vegetable and fry the carrots and onions until soft and golden brown. We share the resulting zazharku into two equal parts.


Figure thoroughly wash and cook until tender in accordance with the directions on the package. Chicken fillet wash in cold water, dry them and mince. We spread the minced chicken in a deep pan, add to the cooked and cooled down a little rice, and one of the pieces of fried onions and carrots.

preparing stuffing

Season with salt and pepper to taste the ingredients, knead thoroughly minced until smooth.

stuffing for cabbage

We spread the cabbage leaf on a flat plate, if the base is still too rigid, then cut off his or repel a wooden hammer.

prepare cabbage leaves

A tablespoon of minced cabbage lay on a sheet as shown in the photo.

forming stuffed

First wrap sides to the center of the cabbage leaf.

wrap stuffed

Then turn off the stuffing in the roll, moving from the top to the bottom.

forming roll

Repeat the above manipulation with all the ingredients.

others wrap stuffed

Prepare gravy. To do this, mix in a deep bowl specified amount of sour cream and tomato paste, fill it with those ingredients prepared broth. Season with salt gravy to taste and knead thoroughly until smooth.

preparing gravy

Part of the remaining zazharki of onion and carrot spread on the bottom of a deep pan.

zazharki at the bottom of the pan

We spread stuffed formed neat layers.

Put the cabbage rolls in pan

On top of all the remnants of cabbage fell asleep onions and carrots.

fried vegetables with stuffed cabbage

Fill the cabbage rolls prepared from sour cream and tomato paste sauce.

pour sauce dish

Herewith liquid to boiling in a saucepan and then stuffed simmer over a low heat for an hour.

stuffed cabbage simmer in the sauce

The finished dish serve an, pour the sauce and serve hot with sour cream. Stuffed with chicken meat and vegetables are ready.

Stuffed Chinese cabbage with minced meat ready!

Bon Appetit!