Carrot Casserole — with cottage cheese and semolina: recipe with a photo

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Cooking time: 60 min.
Person: 6 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Carrot Casserole - with cottage cheese and semolina: recipe with a photo


carrot casserole - It is quite pleasant to the taste of the dish, which can serve as an appetizer, and it is possible and as a dessert. By the way, it will be relevant and commonplace, and at the festive table. So do not look for any particular reason for making such a casserole and cook it just for fun.

I would like to note again that this dish certainly has benefits for the body as carrots, prunes, cheese, chicken eggs, are included in it, have a mass of vitamins and minerals that are so necessary to maintain health. Thus, in this wonderful casserole most successful way combine pleasant and useful qualities.

As for the carrot casserole cooking process, the more details about it can be found in the recommendations of this photo recipe, which are listed below.



Granulated sugar
(300 g)



(1 PC.)

white salt
(1/4 tsp)

Curd bold
(200 g)

(1 tsp)

cooking Steps

Let's start with the carrot: it we shall clear, we shall wash up, and then we shall cut medium-sized strips (or carrots can grate on medium grater). After that we prepared vegetables we send into the cold pan. It we put on the minimum fire and cover with a lid.

sliced ​​julienne carrots

As we prepare in a saucepan Zepter, then we use all of its features. As soon as the arrow will appear in the middle of the temperature controller green field, gas will need to turn off. By the time this process will take about 15 minutes. Then leave the lid carrot another 10 minutes so that it reached the desired state. Then remove the lid and give the opportunity to cool a little vegetable.

How to cook in a pan Zepter?

Divide the egg in a bowl, add to it the sugar and salt in the required amount, and then stir it all well. After this mixture ship semolina and cottage cheese. All components are thoroughly grind until smooth state.

semolina and cottage cheese

The curd mixture send cinnamon and prunes cut into quarters. These components mix.

casserole with prunes

From the parchment paper will make the substrate under the casserole. It is necessary to ensure that the finished dish was easier to remove from the pan.

food substrate

Adding a tablespoon of mustard carrots or vegetable or butter, then mix it all carefully.

carrots with butter

The bottom of the pan is mandatory to lubricate mustard oil.

oil in the pan

Now we are bottom of the pot was covered previously harvested substrate.

parchment paper for baking

Mix carrots and cottage cheese, and then spread it into the pan. On low heat, we will hold it for about 15 minutes, and then leave the reach under the hood for another half hour.

carrot and cottage cheese casserole

* Periodically remove the lid of the pan and remove it from the condensate.

We take out of the casserole pan, turning it upside down.

dietary cottage cheese and carrot casserole take out of pan

Serve carrot casserole on the table in the cold or in the form of heat.

Carrot Casserole is ready!

Bon Appetit!!!