Canned watermelon in banks for the winter — a recipe with photos, how to make the workpiece

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Cooking time: 180 min.
Person: 3 servings
Complexity: Average

Cooking process

Canned watermelon in banks for the winter - a recipe with photos, how to make the workpiece


Canned watermelon in the winter banks - Is one of the few ways to conserve and preserve this berry. Such pickling watermelon recipes were known to our grandmothers and great-grandmother. Technology also remained virtually unchanged to this day. The only difference is that we in the absence of use of oak barrels for pickling jars. However, the taste of canned watermelon is not reflected.

Rolls for the winter melons are usually in three-liter jars. However, I would recommend this container only if you have a large family and the preservation of such scope will be eaten quickly. Otherwise, you run the risk of sending a 'lie down product "to the trash.

As for the most harvesting watermelons in the winter, from the technological point of view it is quite simple. Because if you want to preserve a watermelon for the first time, do not worry that you do not get. Ensure ease of salting of the berries you can step out of the picture recipe below.


(2.5 kg)

(1.5 L)


(4 tablespoons)

Vinegar 9%

(10 branches)

(10 branches)


Bay leaf
(3 pcs.)

Pepper sweet pea
(3 pea)

Black pepper
(10 peas)

(3 cloves)

cooking Steps

The first thing to do - is to engage in sterilization of cans and lids (banks hold over steam for 20 minutes, and boil for five minutes and cover). Then you can go directly by watermelon. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned and cut into two halves. Each of them cut into a plate of about three centimeters wide. Now we share the platelets into triangles. Peel with slices of watermelon is not cut off. You should also remove visible pits.

All slices of watermelon we put in a large pot. They also send shredded greens and celery.

half a watermelon

Let us prepare the marinade. In watermelon weighing 2.5 kg, we need 1.5 liters of water. So pour in a pan the water and send it to the plate. To it add salt, sugar and spices, and then boil it a couple of minutes. Vinegar is not necessary to add.

Prokipevshemu marinade should be allowed to cool to 30-40 degrees. After this, it is poured into a pot where we have previously placed the watermelon. We give to stand for five minutes. Then again poured the marinade in a separate pot (preferably through cheesecloth) and boil for another 10 minutes and.

marinade for salting

Spread slices of watermelon with green banks, and then re-fill them with the marinade. Now let us leave our billet to cool for 40-45 minutes and. After this re-merge the marinade into a saucepan and boil it for 10 minutes.

pickled watermelon

Pour the marinade back into the banks. To each add 70 grams of vinegar (calculation on the three-liter jar). Now, close the jar and then wrapped them with a warm blanket, leave until cool.

canned watermelon in winter

It remains only to wait for the winter and you can enjoy!