Canned cucumber salad — fresh: the simplest recipe

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Cooking time: 70 min.
Person: 6 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Canned cucumber salad - fresh: the simplest recipe


Canned cucumber salad - Is one of the interpretations of such dishes like pickles. Its feature is that the vegetables cut into thin platelets and in this way rolled. In the classic version of the cucumber roll tselenkimi. In addition, in this case added to it are other ingredients: carrots, onions and greens.

Taste salad turns out very juicy - sweet and sour. Themselves slices of cucumbers pickling after becoming crisp and incredibly delicious!

If you are interested in this harvesting for the winter, we suggest to cook it with us, following all of the recommendations of the photo recipe. So there you go!


(5 kg)

(1.2 kg)

Bulb onions
(4 things.)

(2 beam)

(2 beam)

white salt
(3 tablespoons)

(1 head)

Granulated sugar
(200 g)

Vinegar 9%
(300 g)

Vegetable oil

cooking Steps

First, you and I will prepare all the ingredients dishes. Vegetables will wash and clean if necessary.

home canned vegetables

Cut the vegetables: cucumbers - thin slices, onion - half rings. Carrot and garlic we rub on a coarse grater. All the vegetables mix, and then salt them and prisyplem sugar. These components leave for thirty minutes and that they present.

cucumber slices for the winter

Adding to the salad oil and vinegar, then mix it thoroughly. After that you can start to lay the vegetables on the sterilized jars. Then the vodichku that glass with vegetables and poured into jars.

It remains only for 30 minutes to send sterilized jars with salad in a deep pot of boiling water.

vinegar and salt, as well as vegetable oil

Now just need to roll up our jars and a day to roll them in a blanket. Here and ready our canned cucumber salad.

Canned cucumber salad is ready!

Bon Appetit!!!