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Préparation: 30 min
Cuisine: 30 min
Total: 1 hour

Cooking process

baba 1

The baba is one of the typical desserts of the Neapolitan tradition, maybe it's the typical Neapolitan sweet par excellence. To prepare the baba there are many recipes, the one that I propose is the baba recipe to my mother rum. It is customary to think that the baba is not easily done at home, but this is a really simple recipe and sure result. I was reading around to use the mixer or the whisk hook ... but I guarantee that even with regular blender is great:) PS: The doses for soaking in rum are indicative because they are subject to personal taste and I edit in along the way, one thing I would tell you ... abound with rum otherwise you enjoy the true Neapolitan baba! IO MI GROOM TODAY !!!!!!! We'll see you guys on July 17. Kisses and thank you all for your good wishes: ****

Ingredients for one 28-cm mold:
6 eggs
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
25 g of yeast
100 grams of margarine
400 grams of flour 00
Ingredients soaking in rum:
500 ml of water
250 grams of sugar
1 lemon peel
250 ml of rum

How do the rum baba

In a very large bowl, place the eggs, sugar, margarine (I recommend you do not use butter), salt and yeast.

Baba 2

With a whisk work it all for about ten minutes.
Now add the flour and continue to knead the dough

baba 3

Knead the dough until it becomes elastic baba and come off completely from the sides of the bowl.

baba 4

baba 5

Grease the pan now for baba and place the dough in it evenly.

baba 6

baba 7

Let stand with a cover placed on the surface of the pan for about 3 hours, until the dough will not be arrived at the edges of the pan.

baba 8

After rising time, bake in preheated oven at 220 ° C degrees for 30 minutes.
Baba will be ready when the surface and the inside of the mold are golden.

baba 9

Meanwhile, prepare the bath by boiling for about 20 minutes the water and sugar with a peel spiral cut lemon.

baba 10

When the syrup is ready, add the rum.

Prick entire surface of the now tepid baba with a toothpick

baba 11

Pour the syrup over the surface of the rum baba with a ladle.

baba 12

Tilt the mold and squeeze out the excess syrup and with that you continue to soak the baba repeatedly until the cake will absorb everything.

baba 13

baba 14

Let stand 2 hours to the baba in the fridge before you turn it over on a serving platter and serve garnished with whipped cream.

baba 15

Sliced ​​rum baba and serve.

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