Tutorial: Asylum kit, learn to sew it alone

Everything is ready to start school? These days it's all a run run to buy the necessary for our children, even for the smallest schools require optional equipment, with bag for the change, bibs with bibs door, wipes etc ... And what you find around, let's face it, it's all the same and approved. But because instead of consuming your shoes looking for the cutest product we do not take a little time and we do it with our own hands? It may not be more beautiful than those selling, but surely will be original.

A first solution is the classic one: you take a kit for asylum with one part white canvas aida to be embroidered on each piece, you take a needle and thread, you download some scheme from the internet, you take a grandmother who knows the cross stitch and himself over everything. Just wait a few weeks and we will have our own asylum kit with your child's name or with his favorite drawing.

But if you want something more than usual checkered pink / blue and white can profit from the possibility to choose on the internet tissue (Americans but not), and sew it alone; It could be an opportunity to learn to use the sewing machine lying in the basement for years. It is not difficult to make a simple bag for changing the baby, even the bibs are not complicated and can be sewn with recycled materials such as old towels; gag port is a breeze, and the process can be followed to produce a document holder or a door travel joys, just change the fabric and choose maybe jeans or velvet.

Do you know what the hardest part of the whole operation? The choice of fabrics, because as soon as you put it to look for you will find that the choice is vast and they are all one is the best, especially if your research will be oriented on the American Internet sites that printed cottons we really have an infinite .

Tutorial: Asylum kit, learn to sew it alone

In short, our baby will have a kit for the truly stylish asylum, as elegant will be his mother the first day of school!

Here is the video tutorial.