The children’s sizes: as you got it right …

children clothes
French brands dress smaller than Italian, that's why before any purchase is important to know the weight, but also the stature of children

If buttons, zippers and shirts are off limits in the first 12 months of life of the child (more whole rompers practices in cotton or chenille), upon the completion of the year every mom can indulge in creating the wardrobe of your baby. More fortunate, needless to say, the mothers of the females which can range between vestititi, skirts, leggings, tights with polka dots and sweatshirts with bows and colored buttons, more "forced" instead moms boys who nonetheless still a wide choice of jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts and vests. Personal taste aside moms know that it is crucial, when you have to buy a new head for your child, consider the practicality, focusing on comfortable clothing and warm for the winter, and cool and pure cotton for the warmer season. Instead, what is not always so easy and obvious is to guess your size: not all manufacturers follow the same measurement parameters and not all children, especially, are growing in the same way. Some people stretches a lot since the early months of life and who growth spurt does around 4 years, who remains the most chubby long and who is rangy already 24 months.

always consider the child's height

The advice when buying pants and suits for children who attend the nursery, but also for older companions of childhood or primary school, is to not simply the age shown on the card, but rather to consider the 'height. Almost all the houses that produce children's clothes, in fact, also report the length that, in the case of children of 12 months is between 74 and 80 centimeters. 86/92 cm is the length indicated by the heads of children aged between 18 and 24 months, 96/98 cm for children 3 years old, 102/104 cm for those of 4, 110 cm for the 5 little friends years and 116 for children who are close to entering elementary school.

The fit varies a lot by brand

The parameters used by the fashion houses that make baby clothes are not really all the same. Benetton, for example, also it produces "intermediate" size, garments for children aged 12 to 24, from 2 years to 3, and so on. And that is because the growth of children is never the same, and then it can happen that for some it is necessary to make a flap at the edge of the pants, while for others it is time to buy a size bigger than their age. berry, Another brand that dresses children aged 0 to 12 years, instead realizes pants and pajamas for 15 months and for 27, distinguishing itself from most competitors homes who present standard sizes: 12 months, 24, 36. H&M, brand definitely Economic and who recently entered a soft organic cotton line and resistant, usually abundant capacity (if the child is skinny or low stature is therefore advisable to buy a smaller size compared to its age), and the same goes for adidasA child of four years as basically a suit showing on card 3/4, while a 5 years old a hooded indicated 4/5. French brands such as Obaibi is DPAM, by fanciful design, original and colorful, dress rather small, while Accessorize Children It has a quite generous fit.

Even when it comes to hats it is important when you want to make a gift to his grandson or son of neighbors, consider the size, but also the size of the head. Hats with a diameter between 46 and 48 cm are perfect from 6 to 9 months for children with big head or from 6 to 12 months to head with small children, aged 50 and 52 for children from 10 months to four years, while the 54 to 56 cm for children attending primary school but who have a "big head" almost as an adult.