The bottle: Buying Guide

Breastfeeding is the main activity that takes up the baby and the mother in the first months of life: A unique moment at the base of a relationship that will last forever. Despite the beauty of the contact between baby and mother's breast, the bottle is a valuable aid both in case the child needs the infant formula is in the case in which the mother who needs to be away and delegates the nutrition of their child to someone else . How to choose the right bottle?

Teat rubber or silicone?

A first difference between the rubber and the silicone lies in their composition: of natural origin the first, the second synthetic. A different material for each stage of life? It seems so: the silicone is more suitable in early child because easier to sanitize while the rubber is recommended to the 4- 6 months, at which time she starts teething. The child will draw greater satisfaction from nibble rubber, which will make greater opposition to the teeth brand new.

plastic or glass bottle?

When choosing the bottle must first be aware of the regulations issued in this regard by the European Community, such as the provision relating to bisphenol A. This substance is used in the production of plastics and can be harmful if taken in large doses; on the internet you can find a detailed list of the manufacturers of Bisphenol A free baby bottles. That said, the bottle can be made of glass or plastic: To the glass hygiene level is easier to clean but the plastic is certainly more practical. It is in fact typical of infants drop objects on the floor or throw them somewhere to experience noise: also know that the bottle will undergo this type of treatment. Better buy it of unbreakable material then.


The bottle: Buying Guide

The panorama of models available is quite varied, really will be spoiled for choice. A first screening may be the quantity of the liquid content: 100 to 250 ml. A 250 ml bottle will last longer given that babies around 12 months drink at most that amount of milk. Another aspect to consider is the presence of the handle to hold the bottle in autonomy: Children around the year of living happily drink alone.

Brands to choose from are many: from Chicco Medela, Avent by Mam, Nuby and many others.

Remember, however, that even Children have their own tastes and, in the end, they will decide what is the favorite bottle!