Me and Bio, the new organic line for Humana weaning

Humana and I Bio

Treat your child's diet since the first meals is very important for its proper growth, but choose generic biological products is not enough. For this reason Humana studied "Me and Bio", A new organic line devoted to child-weaning following your little from the early stages.

Products "Me and Bio" I'm from origin and declared, obtained from certified farmers that meet high quality standards. Thanks to the production cycle made a few steps, the flavors and tastes of foods are authentic and that allows the child to know and enjoy your food as nature provides them from the early stages of weaning.

The line "I and Bio" follows all the steps for the introduction of solid foods helping you in this delicate period, the introduction of fruit and yoghurt with organic fruit homogenized is organic baby food fruits and yogurt, the introduction of cereal with organic fruit homogenized and cereals is creams organic cereals and biscuits. Homogenized meat and organic pastries round out the offerings of selected Humana.

Me and Humana Bio: products

Humana and I Bio
The fruit from the tree ... the jar!

There apple and the pear are the first fruits that are introduced in the feeding of your baby: chosen for their tasty and sweet, the fruit gives him energy, vitamins and natural sugars, necessary for its growth.

Made with products selected and controlled, without fertilizers and pesticides of synthetic chemical origin, offer the newcomer to the table all the goodness of the land while preserving the flavor, the density and the natural taste.

Even the smallest palates manifest their preferences and style conscious mothers choose a variety of tastes to ensure all the nutrients from and beneficial properties of fruit. Here is a series of exquisite proposals from Me and Bio dedicated to biological weaning to please mom and baby: Apple, Pear, Apple and Pear, Mixed Fruit, Apple and Banana and sweet plum.

delicious and healthy meals for weaning

Beginning to accept food other than mother's milk is very difficult, which is why it is necessary that the dishes are healthy, but at the same time, tasty and appetizing.

The organic cereal creams are naturally good, no flavor, very creamy and immediately ready to facilitate the task to please the small mom and hungry immediately! The two creams, that of Corn and Organic Tapioca and the Organic Rice Cream accompany the whole of the natural weaning cycle and are perfect for baby's first meals because gluten-free.

Nutrition education of a child begins since childhood and it is good to introduce different foods in her diet, for variegarla and perfect day by day. The organic semolina and the Organic Multigrain cream with its mix of whole wheat, corn, rice, oats and barley, different flavor and tasty and delicate at the same time, they are perfect for this purpose especially if accompanied by biological homogenized with meat.

Here, too, a wide range of flavors and tastes:

Homogenized with organic chicken meat and rice flour
Homogenized with meat organic veal and rice flour
Homogenized with organic meat and rice flour Beef
Homogenized with organic turkey meat and rice flour
Homogenized with organic ham and rice flour, free of polyphosphates
Homogenized with organic lamb meat and rice flour, indicated for the first period, thanks to its low allergenicity.

Made without the addition of salt, they contain only Italian and German meat, strictly controlled and from organic livestock, thus excluding the use of GMOs, pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers.

Humana and I Bio

And for the puppies a little 'bigger Humana dedicated the Line organic pasta made with wheat and includes the biological starlets, the Vaporino biological, the biological pins, there biological Giocherina and the Fili d'Angelo biological.

Snacks biological Humana: finally a good snack!

The little during the day plays, experiment, create and knows the world, all of which require a great effort and a great energy. Humana has created for our little line "I and Bio" snacks Biological, tasty and delicious that ensure a balanced nutritional intake.

Organic snack Pear and Yogurt and biological Merenda Apple Banana Peach and Yogurt I am a perfect combination of fruit, selected and cultivated according to the rules of organic baby foods, and yogurt, with a delicate and unique taste.

Organic Snack Apple and Banana Cookie It combines the delicious taste of apple and banana with that fragrant biscuit.

Organic snack Apple Peach and Rusk It combines the natural scents of Italian fruit with the unique bounty of rusk.

Organic Biscuit Humana Says No Oil Palm

olive oil, flour, calcium, iron and vitamins: These are the ingredients used to prepare the organic biscuits Humana, simple ingredients, nutrients and healthy. This organic food, which is important for the growth of the small, is perfect to melt into the bottle of milk, and to accompany him in the formation of the first teeth thanks to its special texture that melts in your mouth.

If you want to know all the products and initiatives organized by Humana follow the Facebook page or go on Official site Humana to see in detail all the biological line for weaning and I Bio dedicated to your child.

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