Language courses in England: all relevant information

Big Ben, London
The study holiday in England is unique and unrepeatable experience, follow the UnaDonna tips and find the best solution for you

There study holiday in England has always been the ideal solution for those who want to learn English "on the spot", a full immersion in land of Albion, home of the most spoken language in the world and yet it is very different from Italian, and not only level language, but also in cultural-social level.

The summer vacation course experience has shown not only to the children and for the children of school age (Usually indicative age for a study holiday goes by 9 to 25 years), But it is also strongly recommended for the adult that, in addition to the difficulty of the language, will have to overcome a condition mentis stiffened form, a kind of mental liabilities that is due to the schematic the life of every day (as opposed to children and young people who instead welcome the news with enthusiasm, their mind is more elastic and curious, absorb without any kind of restriction imposed).

The study holiday is perfect if you revolutionize forever your life and avoid having to pronounce once again the embarrassing "Io no spik inglish", Or for your sons that for the first time are about to learn the English language and they do it in the most appropriate linguistic context, immersed in 360 degrees in the Anglo-Saxon culture.

Choose the place of study holiday

Of course, as with everything, there are schools and schools, and unfortunately sometimes run into bad choices, because the disinformation and the difficulty in finding a trustworthy person (A mentor, a teacher, a mentor) who addresses us toward the best possible solution, also in view of the value for money. Here is a small guide of tips that will help you have a broader view of the pros and cons, and you will save unnecessary labor and disappointing experiences.


London you know, it is the ideal destination for every guy who wish to study for the first time the language

Trafalgar Square
Students in Trafalgar Square, Nelson's Column
English on site, and who, moreover, can resist the allure of City, pulsating heart of the commingled modernity and tradition, a melting pot of peoples and cultures? Schools for foreign students are really lots, located in the center or in the various areas in which the city is divided. So the choice becomes even more difficult, and it is always advisable rely on a contact person I can suggest for the better, before making rash decisions without any reference point. here pros and cons a vacation-study London:


-The environment is highly stimulating: You're in the world capital, then you will not have a moment to lose: in his spare time you can choose whether to go to visit a museum, the markets of Portobello and Camden Town, attend a musical or to a 'play…

Fountain, Trafalgar Square
Students near the fountain in Trafalgar Square, London

-The metro service: The Tube, or the London underground, is a great service that will allow you to turn the daily City without spending a fortune, thanks to tickets and the subsidized subscriptions for students.

-Some schools are really good is "series", as the St George International (Located in the center, in the quiet Margaret Street, just behind Oxford Street) or British Study Centre, School of Inglese (located in Duke Street, a short walk from Oxford Street).


-The city is chaoticLondon is probably best suited for a holiday or for experience work-related. If your purpose is to study the English language and absorb as much as possible during your stay, it recommends a more cities small is Quiet, as Cambridge or Oxford, university city par excellence.

-The school is more expensive: The prices of the schools for the teaching of foreign languages ​​in London are generally higher than the other.

-The cost of living is higherEven life is more expensive in London, from restaurants to entertainment places, from pubs to shopping, the pound in London, alas, steadily rises.

-Attention to the area where the school is located: To say to be gone on vacation-studio in London does not always coincide with a kind of life in direct contact with the metropolis. London is indeed a small world, divided into well 32 borough, each of which is divided into areas (The central area will include 6). Be careful of that school is in an adequate distance from the city center.

-Crime: London is known, is one of the safest cities in the world, especially if you move away from the center and it is getting closer to peripheral areas. so it may be fine if you are a adult, or however large and vaccinated, while for the boys and especially for children It recommends a more "cityon a human scale".

Cambridge, Oxford and other solutions

The most suitable English cities for a vacation-study, are those less chaotic compared to

English school, cambridge
Studio Cambridge School, in the central area, Cambridge
London, but which can still offer students a range of benefits and opportunities that have nothing to envy to City. Cambridge is a university city located North East London and wet from the river Cams, with lots of green and lots of nature, pullulata college and students who travel exclusively by bicycle. Cambridge Studio is one of the oldest schools (born in 1954): located in the avenue of the station (Station Road, so convenient for trips and outings, you get to London in less than half an hour), it has a truly comprehensive program and for every need, from courses for adults that last all year to Summer Camps for children and boys in summer. Also Oxford It is no less, located in northwest compared to London and wet river Ox, It is famous for the typical college (Style Harry-Potter) And the quiet atmosphere. The school Oxford International Study Centre It is one of the most renowned, located in the heart of Oxford, and boasts great professionalism, with classes for all ages.

Brighton beach with Brighton Pier in the background

Also there are lots of solutions that span multiple small town but still very characteristic and with schools that offer excellent solutions in value for money, just to name a few: Exeter (In Cornwall) Bristol, Canterbury and Salisbury (With their magnificent cathedrals), Bath, Reading and lively Brighton, It situated on the south coast just an hour away from London, known as "London-by-the-sea", It is famous for its long pebble beaches, the fervent musical culture and indie, markets and narrow streets with small craft shops.

Choose life

the term also has its importance: usually one week is not enough for the first seven days needed to settle in and adapt to a completely different way of life. There ideal duration for a summer study-holiday varies from 2 to 4 weeks, obviously having in mind that harder the course longer learning the language grows exponentially.

 Choose to rely on a tutor or an expert

The best thing to do to organize a study holiday, especially if those concerned are children or young people just starting out, is to relying on a teacher or a

Students at St James's Park, London
trustworthy person
which not only inform you about the school and cost, but she will accompany the same group of guys in England, in the guise of accompanist / smoke or group leader, precisely. This is a cure not only for parents, so that they feel more secure and know they have a landmark serious and reliable for the whole course of study-holiday, but also the kids feel more secure to have at his side a figure to ask for clarification or information whenever they have the need. In addition the school has tended to give free Sunday to the children and thanks to the presence dell'accompagnatrice you can then also organize excursions or trips independently from school, always with the supervision of an adult figure and responsible.

Choose a quality school

But how do you figure out if the chosen school is a school with a capital S? Here are some small details that make the difference:

-The school provides a basic English course that goes from a minimum 15 to 20 hours per week (about 3 hours total per day) and can also offer intensive courses, with the possibility for the student to make the most of learning the language also in the afternoon, with specific lessons which usually relate to activities speaking is listening.

-The school must be able to guarantee teachers native speakersThis point is very important, it can in fact be cases of schools that take teachers from different part of the world, with pronunciation difficulties and not perfectly familiar with the language, must be avoided!

-The school offers the possibility of being included in more appropriate level of class with respect to their language skills: the level elementary to the level advanced, with a series of several intermediate levels.

-The entrance provides a test: In order to certify the language level of a student, usually a serious school provides a written and oral test which will serve to place the student in the right context for language learning.

-Each class must contain no more than 15 students: In order to ensure a good level of education, and so that each student can be followed with the right care, Classes should not contain too many pupils.

-The classes are mixed: The best environment to learn the English language, is one in which you are "obliged" to speak the foreign language in order to communicate with their peers. Well then if the class will consist of a mix of Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese ... and so on and so forth!

-The school is well equipped: from the reception to the area Relax, from computer room with WiFi access a canteen, from sports facilities all 'reception office, the school must be able to ensure a whole series of facilities that help the student to find the ideal context for learning the language, not only during school hours, but also in extra time.

Choose the school by age

Every age is known, has its own requirements and abbisogna of different linguistic backgrounds. Here are some tips for you:

Between the ages of 9 and 14 years.

If the student between the ages 9 and 14 years old, then the most appropriate learning context is that of the campus. In a campus (or college) Summer, the boys live the learning environment in the round, sharing with other international students not only school hours, but also the leisure hours and the sleeping area. This experience generally is therefore most suitable for very young students, who come for the first time since their domestic context and in need of a structure that protects them, with one dedicated staff who supervise them 24 hours 24. In this kind of structures the children learn the English language with confidence and so much natural, confronted for the first time with foreign language students in the various activities throughout the day. At the end of the school day are provided a whole series of fun activities in the afternoon and early evening,

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle, the changing of the guard, The Changing of the Guard
that kids can choose according to their personal taste: from sports to creative activities, from organizing a treasure hunt in a theatrical performance. Usually, the campus organizes some major excursions on weekends, allow kids to visit British cities, always under the constant monitoring of teachers and the school staff.

Aged between 14 and 18 years and adults

If students are aged between 14 and 18 years, then the most appropriate learning environment is the experience in family or residence, in an environment in which it is assumed a certain dose of independence and the ability to take responsibility from the student. At this indeed the English language is absorbed not only in the context of purely academic, but also outside, in the whole series of conditions that affect the daily actions, from inquiry in the city center at the supermarket, from relate to young people of other nationalities to entering into contact with the indigenous people, especially in the family, with important enrichments not only linguistically but also social and cultural.

For what concern residence, Usually these structures are in neighborhood the school and include accommodation in single or double room (En-suite), breakfast and dinner (While lunch is usually consumed in the school cafeteria), a relaxation area in common (Where keen fun with your friends), a laundry (laundry) coin (To wash alone jeans and T-shirts) and in some cases also a kitchen with snacks available at various times of day. The presence of staff supervisor It is in any case guaranteed 24 hours on 24, especially in night hours to ensure that students comply with the curfew (which usually hovers around 10.30 / 11.00).
Choose residence self you want the convenience of proximity to the school (without having to use the means of transport on a daily basis), a dynamic and active in direct contact with foreign students with whom you will be able to deepen their knowledge of the language, exchange ideas and discuss with different lifestyles and culture. Remember that the option residence it is generally a bit 'more expensive than in family.

As for the family, Remember that usually the housing areas They are not located in the city center but are moved from outlying areas, so keep in mind that you will need to provide for a subscription to local transport, or why not, rent a bike (Especially in university towns such as Cambridge and Oxford, it is the most used, and almost always in low cost). The families are chosen by the school and must meet a set of strict rules, they are therefore secure and its members choose to host foreign students especially for a personal cultural enrichment. The main meals (breakfast and dinner) will be served in the family while lunch at the school canteen. The family also offers a service of laudry weekly, to wash dirty clothes, and put them into the trash located in each bedroom.
Choose your family if you want to try an experience in total independence and especially if you want to try a full immersion in a new social context, in direct contact with a real English family, knowing full customs and traditions, respecting the new rules of coexistence, experiencing new perspectives and a new culture, through the simple actions of daily life. Remember that experience in family and usually a little 'less expensive experience in residence.

King's College, Cambridge, indoor garden area

The prices of the holiday-studio

Prices vary depending on the type of accommodation choice (campus, residence or family), depending on the course we intend to do (basic course or intensive course?), depending on duration the study holiday. If we take as a reference a study holiday of two weeks duration, here are the average costs:

-The choice of campus It is obviously the choice more expensive (Because in addition to the activity of teaching and the three daily meals, includes all afternoon and evening fun activities by qualified staff) The cost fluctuates between 1600 and 1800 pounds, package including everything (ie there is no extra expense).

-two-week course with accommodation in residence: Usually the price is around 1650 pounds (Package including everything meals and trips, school and afternoon activities, means of transport, no extras).

-two-week course with homestay: The price is around 1500 pounds (So ​​a little 'less than the residence), With package including everything (meals and trips, family, school and afternoon activities, means of transport).

remembers wellWhen controls the prices of the various schools remember that all are expressed sterling. To get an accurate idea of ​​your overall spending reminds always converting them into euro.