In the race for the sport: pediatricians, families and patients will compete with Miniduathlon

Tournament Francis Frisian 2014

Children and teens today do fewer sports, the hours devoted to physical activity by young people are on average less than 2 per week in the face of 3-4 hours per day that pass at the screen computer or television to which must be added the hours spent sitting at school desk.

The situation is really worrying and the first to be preoccupied are the pediatricians they see among their patients the dramatic effects of this lifestyle. Culturally Italy lacks the idea of sharing of sport within the family unit; some mothers accompanying children to practice the various activities and maybe dads follow them during games and tournaments on the weekends, but the real sport sharing occurs when the whole family practice with the same activity. As usual, I am the example and the good practice that they achieve results migLiori, especially in terms of motivation.

It was with this concern SiMPeF, the Union of Physicians and Pediatricians Family, promotes together with CUS Pro Patria Milan Triathlon is Clear Channel an event in conjunction with the student sports championships CONI of the May 24: The "Tournament Francis Frisian 2014". Sixteen teams consisting of a pediatrician, his young patients and their parents will compete in a race Miniduathlon which comprises a first stretch of 400-meter run, a kilometer cycling and other 200-meter run. The winner, in the end, we are confident that will be the well-being of children thanks to which also increase self-esteem and the profit school; a subject on which all parents should definitely consider.

Tournament Francis Frisian 2014

May 24 15:00 Idroscalo (Milan)