Holiday for families: how to find the Family Friendly structures

When you come out with their own children or going on holiday we must consider many things, first of all if the structure that is welcoming it suitable for children. But what does being fit for children?

First of all you must have regular services for a little brat, such as whether it is a restaurant the highchair, the menu for the little ones, corridors that allow normal access for strollers and wheelchairs, and bath and changing tables to mothers living areas.

Often go to one tavern and having to adapt the smaller of two or three pillows to put up the big, wait a long time for a plate of rigatoni with sauce and having to arrange somewhere to change the diaper. Fortunately, all this can be avoided by consulting online portals or blog monothematic family and children ... although unfortunately there are still many areas of Italy discoveries.

How to find the structures

The tools available on the Internet are many and all quite reliable, as advisor which often contains positive or negative review on called family friendly restaurant, up to real "chain" hotel having as core business the hospitality of the family.

Very interesting among these is Italy Family Hotels that in your website allows you to find the structure in the region where you will make the holiday. Almost all are located towards the north and the center and regions such as Puglia and Sicily are completely absent, Calabria instead possesses only one.

Among the various blogs and sites dedicated to consult there are "Children with suitcase"or Kidpass which aims to become a reference point for families who love to travel, or "holiday with children"Milanoperibambini, monzaperibambini, romaperibambini etc that contain both the places to visit that the activities to be carried out. Again some southern regions suffer ...

Where to go

Holiday for families: how to find the Family Friendly structures

In principle, if you choose a restaurant is better to prefer those with wide open spaces where children if you do not want to sit at the table for a long time can run and play in areas other than those reserved for guests, or go at teaching farms where animals will definitely amuse the children and educate them to respect other living beings.

The portals to be consulted in this case are "Farm children " is "educational farms " by region and structured in a simple and immediate.

Also Water parks I am a place for children but it is important to first find out if there are games suitable for the age of your little one to avoid them coming and he could do nothing.

Everywhere you go you always try to bring the games case with small and simple fun activities to "run for cover" in case the structure that guest is not suitable for children!