Cough: causes and remedies


A cough is the most common and normal you can feel when you are in the midst of a number of people. If you ever experience a moment of silence in the midst of an audience - perhaps in a "break" of a show in which the audience relaxes his attention - perhaps you do not even noticed to the number of coughs who feel.

The cough itself, then, It is certainly not a disease but a defense mechanism of our body that it reacts with air mucous irritation due to an "external" factor. Factor which can of course also be a pathology, of which therefore the cough becomes one of symptoms. Since this is an involuntary mechanism - although, to be precise, it is not entirely because at least in part can be "triggered" or "restrained" voluntarily - the approach to be followed for its treatment is of course dependent on the cause that causes. And also the type of cough that is manifested.

Cough "fat" and cough "dry"

Cough: Causes and Remedies 01
Not all of cough strokes are equal. In general they traditionally identify two macro-types, usually identified as "cough" and "dry cough." The first is basically the way with which the body "Expels" bacterial agents or of other nature which constitute a threat to the airways, "trapping" in a gelatinous substance that is produced in quantities exceeding usual: the mucus. Expectorate the mucus - or, as it is commonly called, the "phlegm" - is therefore a important precautionary measure for the body to prevent an aggravation of the situation. From the description it is clear that it is the "type of cough" commonly associated with infections bacterial or viral that they are - which of course can be of very different entities and gravity between them - and, at times, to the presence of allergies, which increase the "natural" production of mucus. Since the expectoration is basically "positive" for the body, to address those situations with Medicines that favor the expulsion, by thinning the viscous substances if too dense: Mucolytics medications such as syrups or aerosols. The "dry cough", however, is generally linked irritation of epithelial tissues due to external factors, as can be contact with smoke, dust, pollution or steam rather than foreign bodies in general or particular external weather conditions. Even some types of allergies can lead to a dry cough. It has the characteristic of "self-generating", or the continuous coughing generates further irritation and can also lead to harmful effects of the fabrics. For this, the "therapeutic" approach is generally oriented medicines "soothing" cough, so as to avoid prolonging or worsening.

Cough in pregnancy and in children: natural remedies

It is clear that the "parallel" treatment of the cause that leads to coughing behind the supervision of a doctor is an element essential which joins the cure "the symptoms" described above. The cough is common and usually not worrisome, but it must be kept under control, especially in special situations as may be pregnant - Where the verification and control of any bacterial agent, viral or otherwise inflammatory that can come into contact with the mother should be closely monitored - or "ages" details how they can be children or elderly, especially if accompanied with intense and recurrent episodes that disturb the smooth running of life: for example, nocturnal cough, one of the most common conditions that interrupts or sometimes prevents, proper and peaceful rest. In these cases, an interesting opportunity is to address the natural remedies: Herbal medicine is very effective in this case, since many plants and herbs possess properties soothing, emollient, thinners or expectorants, favoring, depending on the case, the right therapeutic action according to the type and origin of the phenomenon-cough.