Confetti DIY


The appointment with the Carnival It is approaching, it's raining outside and you have several newspapers to be recycled? One solution to solve everything prepared together with your children of colorful confetti rejoice that the next party. This will save you some money but above all will find an alternative to the classic games to entertain children at home.

The history of confetti

It will also be an opportunity to tell their children the 'Fairytale' Confetti, who were initially small confetti made from the seeds of coriander, hence the name, which was launched the day of Carnival. Later they were replaced by colored paper balls and then by headbands we know today. In the past they were made with the leftovers of perforated cards used in breeding silkworms.

How to proceed

To achieve confetti directly into the house you have to put together all the paper that no longer serves you, preferably colored. Then old magazines, paper scraps Gifts, tissue paper and any other type of paper. Now just take a maker of the ones used to make holes in sheets ranging in binders and puncture the paper collected around the house. As we get our confetti let's put them in a box and then give a nice mixed. The game is done! In the market there Drilling machines that allow to create holes, and then confetti, also with different forms classic circle.