Co-sleeping, sleep in Latvian with mom and dad

Co-sleeping with mom and dad
Sleep with Mom and Dad increases the child safety

Latvian Latvian yes or no? It's one of the dilemmas on which today is discussed more and that virtually every family with a small child. If one thinks that the problem has directly to do with the children sleep - And consequently with that of the parents who, let's face it, in the end is what matters more - you understand why in recent years they are spent pages and pages - Paper and virtual - in scientific publications or not, books, blogs, social networking groups praising or demonizing the practice of sleeping together otherwise known as the Latvian "co-sleeping".

Co-sleeping: those who are against?

Historically, if we exclude the minority of wealthy families who could afford to buy so many beds, the co-sleeping was highly practiced; in country houses, in huts, but also in the poor town houses brothers slept all together, the younger children were sleeping with mom and dad, and often slept in the same room even grandparents and other relatives. In short, they would never have called co-sleeping, but it was what happened every day. You do not understand then why today, among the most ardent accusers of this practice there are grandmothers, mothers-and old aunts that the name of "if you do sleep with you, you will remain stuck forever" is "letting it come in the Latvian vices"Precipitate young mothers restlessness given by seeing fought between the wishes of the child and the need to bring up a good mother the eyes of others. Perhaps the times when poverty was a permanent guest in the homes of most of the population are still too close to them.

Also Eduard Estivill, author of "Take a nap"That for decades has argued that children should sleep alone and all night, recently he recanted admitting that his method is not applicable to children under three years of age, for which the brain is formed so as to alternate the rhythms of sleep and wakefulness based on the rhythms of breastfeeding.

Because the co-sleeping?

And it is from here that you can start to analyze the problem. The infant needs mother's neighborhood, It must smell and presence, so much so that many pediatricians recommend to put in the baby bed a fitted sheet that has long been in contact with the mother so she can smell it. The infant then the need to be nursed even several times during the night and that means that the mother should not just wake up, but also get up. Obviously, co-sleeping is an answer to both these problems, because doing the little sleeping with his mother He is quieter because it perceives the presence and, at the time of feeding, the mother can give him the breast without even moving from the bed and go back to sleep quickly when finished.

To parents who fear an excessive attachment of the child advocates of co-sleeping respond, research in hand, that the Children used to sleeping with their parents or brothers develop more autonomy and become more sociable. then it seems that a child used to being in close contact with the mother is more willing to move away from her without problems when it is necessary and this is because its presence is a certainty: "She has always been there and always will be."

How to do in practice

From a practical point of view for an infant to sleep in Latvia must have the same care that you have in preparing its cradle: The mattress should be firm, there must be covered bulky, there should be no wires to lamps, including bars can pass the head of the small, ribbons or lanyards (even in their parents' pajamas). It is also not recommended if one parent is obese, under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs or has a restless sleep that leads him to make sudden movements sleeping.

Co-sleeping family
Sleeping together is not always comfortable, you have to find the perfect one

If you suspect it's too dangerous to let the baby sleep in the Latvian you can opt for a solution which is the happy medium: use a cot flanked the double bed and free of side that is called Side B and that can be done easily at home. Of course we must take all precautions to hook his bed properly and avoid any cracks in which the child can slip or fall. This way the baby is sleeping with her parents, but each retains its space.

Up to what age?

In reality there is no limit to decide that the child is too big to sleep with their parents. If the fact of having to get up at night to breastfeed is falling you can not decide that from that moment on, the child will be transferred to his room. They are dynamic that he does not understand. The first step is set up along its bedroom with her bed, with time he'll decide you want to sleep alone, maybe for the first time it will not be a permanent transfer, but then we will establish in its place and will not want to learn to enter the Latvian parents.

Co-sleeping baby Mom
Sleep with his mother makes the child more relaxed

Decide for co-sleeping

The decision to sleep with their child needs to be taken by parents freely and unconditionally, it must be shared by both and it can not be the result of chance. Deciding to practice co-sleeping means It can not tell from day to day that the child should move in her bed, He would not understand. When you have another child You must then think how to schedule it, the greater can not be "expelled" from the bed just because it comes a new baby him, this would be a great starting point for not make him accept the newcomer.

In short, what seems to be the most comfortable choice perhaps in reality it is not, requires awareness, belief and organization, but if you are convinced of the street you are currently traveling and we understand that the family is happier in this way then it is the right path to take.