Children used: clothes and cheap toys, but safe

Children used: clothes and cheap toys but safe 01

When you are expecting their first child the euphoria and joy for the event often resulting in the purchase compulsive by future parents but also grandparents and uncles around the "need" for the infant coming.

Children used: clothes and cheap toys but safe 02
It starts with baby carriage, cot and changing table, then you think about the layette buying rompers and body, but also, why not, some elegant dress that "I know that maybe I will once it is so cute." Soon you find yourself in a vortex of purchases without end, but what is worse is that everything you buy has a very low life expectancy. If the cot, chosen wisely, may accompany the child for the first three years of life, after only a few months the wheelchair is abandoned in favor of the stroller, and after a couple of years, the latter gives way to a model lighter and handier. Not to mention the clothes, just look at the sizes to understand that a onesie not hard, at first, more than two or three months while going ahead you might even get to six months if there was not the problem of seasonal clothing.

Alternative shopping spree for baby
Children used: clothes and cheap toys but safe 03

Obviously the turnover is a millionaire, articles for children are needed, as not all make us believe of course, but most, but families can nowadays afford to invest so much? Besides, many people are bothered by having to delete old clothes a few times or even shoes in their original box (when the right season the number was passed) arrived. The more fortunate have relatives and friends who spend their cast-off clothes of the children, in many families is a seasonal exchanges swirl and pilings in the grandparents' house waiting for the next little nephew, but not everyone has this privilege, that do then?

The used for the child is a possibility
Children used: clothes and cheap toys but safe 04
Secondamanina Melegnano

In northern Europe, for several years now, they are especially appreciated the thrift shops for kids in which you can sell and buy the complete layette for the baby, but also everything you need up to ten or twelve years. Thanks to the recent crisis, but also thanks to their parents is increasing concern for the environment (less waste also means a healthier environment) and reuse, even in Italy are spreading these outlets. The highest concentration is in the city, while in the province remains a certain mistrust of the used item (what they will say in the country if I dress my son with used clothing?), But everywhere you can find what you are looking for. The thrift stores for the child are not only addressed to families in need, there are also stores and chains that treat only merchandise signed by big names in fashion and products belonging to a medium / high-end market, then you can say that cater to the 360 ​​degree world of childhood.

A woman who threw herself in the adventure flea children

Children used: clothes and cheap toys but safe 05
Secondamanina Melegnano

To help us understand the world's second-for the child we interviewed Barbara, a woman who has decided to open a franchise store throwing himself at the bottom of this new adventure. The new challenges do not frighten her thanks to the fact that, because of his father, a child labor has often changed the city and is so accustomed to welcoming the news with enthusiasm. With the help of partner he decided in the space of a month, to change jobs, and set up shop in Melegnano related to Secondamanina chain. The difficulties were not few, especially from the bureaucratic point of view: "in Italy, unfortunately"Explains Barbara"female entrepreneurship is not facilitated as they say, in fact, and I was the first self-employment experience". Surely the choice of opening a franchise store helped a lot in terms of visibility "Many people who see an article on Secondamanina site and also reach us from several kilometers away."The only caveat for those wishing to make such a choice is to assess well, even with the franchise holders, the catchment area of ​​the area to avoid the risk of running out of customers.

What do you sell in your store?

From us you can find everything you need to grow and entertain their children: clothes, shoes, toys, strollers, scales, books, etc ... Age 0-12 years. Everything is carefully controlled to offer a used as new.

Who are your customers?

Children used: clothes and cheap toys but safe 06
Secondamanina Melegnano

We are many mothers who want to save money without sacrificing quality, but also grandparents and uncles who want to give particular objects maybe hard to find. I can think of a grandfather who loves games once preferably made of wood and that sometimes goes into the store to see what has arrived and being able to give to his nephew. It is also many foreigners who, by culture, are accustomed to the purchase of second-hand. And then there are suppliers that, as parents, are also our customers!

What do you like about your job?

Everything from the relationship with the people, the continuous replacement of objects that, sometimes, are really fun! I work many more hours than before but with a decidedly light spirit.

Opportunity for all

In short, the world's second-for the child is the opportunity to save money for families and earn a little by selling its used, but also, for some, the opportunity to invest in a new profession that can really give a lot of satisfaction.