Children on vacation alone, as prepare them in the right way?

Prepare children to summer camp
Prepare children to eliminate anxiety

the much-awaited vacation, and often parents have arrived, including labor issues, in the sense that you can not be away from the town, send their older children (eg. such as those who attend elementary) to make new experiences in summer camps,  the scouts, or camping with the oratory without them, but soon they are attacked by countless doubts: We did the right thing? You will feel abandoned? Eat properly? And if you were hurt?

parents do not worry because these initiatives are organized to the last detail, and the experience itself is just a source of enrichment for your child.

In away holidays children are engaged in multiple activities, all under the supervision of carers and educators who organize their days.

impositions nothing

You must not impose it telling the child definitely will like, in fact there are more independent children and more timid and introverted children, and the message that you have to let go is what  It will be a pleasant experience that must not be afraid; But if there is a certain wariness, maybe your child is not yet ready to be away from home alone a whole week, we opt for "gitarelle" day at the end of which you return to the home and family.

adventurous summer camps
Explain to the child that will live a thousand adventures

If we notice only small resistances related to the change that the holiday can involve communicate to the child that will not be abandoned to itself, who will contact the parents no matter what happens and leverage that know many new friends which also remain in contact at the end of vacation, and most importantly to know the people you will maybe some time before departure so that it can find them when he's alone and make them become its new landmarks.

Inform the child to eliminate anxiety

Pass it as an adventure and responsibilise to be independent it will feel more strong and brave; these experiences are indeed very useful to the child himself who will have to engage in multiple activities (eg. new games, nature walks, places to discover, etc.); tell your child will make him less anxious, not knowing it is only a source of stress and negative thoughts.

Sack race
Explain to the child that will be organized games and know a lot of friends

I stand among the peers will get used to the positive comparison and certainly if the introverted these experiences will help him to open up.

We must therefore find out in time, there are in fact multiple centers in their city who organize these holidays with your child and choose the one that best suits his needs.