Calving healthy in Naples at a conference

calving healthy

The numbers that tell of postpartum depression are really impressive, just think of those affected 10-15% of pregnant women in the first year after giving birth, corresponding to 50,000 to 75,000 women per year. But there is also another issue that concerns not just the Health Institute and is the figure for caesarean sections that are performed in the Region of Campania, a percentage that is actually grown in recent years, from 60.6% to 62 , 4%. One thing is certain, both phenomena can be contained through proper training and information of all the figures involved.

world woman organizes the conference on healthy birth in Naples
Is convinced Celeste Condorelli - CEO of the first clinical center of Southern Italy, the Mediterranean, with a family delivery room with bath to give birth - who designed the World Women with the aim to inform women and help them to make informed choices.

And it is the World Women which organized in Naples (15 January at 17.00 at the clinic Mediterranean) the conference Motherhood healthy, spontaneous delivery and prevention of depression due to which will confront and intervene professionals from the sectors related to the care and prevention the treated issues.