Breastfeeding: a time or on request

Demand feeding or nursing time?
Demand feeding or nursing time?

When it comes to entering a nursing controversial discussion relating the role of the mother and its ability to interpret the needs of the child. It is known that breastfeeding is the first major difficulty of a new mother and to make sure in carrying out this task serenity and tranquility is well informed and ask for clarification during the pre-natal care. L 'obstetric or pediatric nurse confidence will give adequate answers to all your questions and so you can consciously choose the nearest location to your "mom" role.

Breastfeeding on demand

The first maternity is always the more complex since there is for the first time to live particular situations and do not always know what is right to do. The infant, in its first 40 days of life, he has yet to find his rhythm and understand where he is: his only certainty is the smell of the mother and the reassurance that manages to have with breastfeeding. Those who support the nutrition required to claim that it will be the same child to ask for milk when he feels like it or need it, without a specific time or a minimum duration. This can have its advantages as presenting different difficulties.

The pros concern the self regulation of the child: the mother does not need to control the number of feedings because It will be the same small to peel off at the time when it will be sated. In addition, the production of breast milk should be stimulated in the first two months of the newborn before arriving at full life: in fact, take 6-8 weeks to calibrate the production on the small needs. Considering these aspects exclusively breastfeeding on demand is definitely the optimal methodology.

at feeding time

What are the advantages of a time? L 'author Tracy Hogg in his book The secret language of babies, analyzes with particular attention the schedule of feedings suggesting mothers to hold an ad hoc diary to adjust the times, the physiological needs and above all to understand the origin of the cry of a baby. It is said in fact that a child of a cry month just because he is hungry, the needs may be different and breastfeeding time allows you to understand the real needs of your child.