Frittata Recipe with monk beard

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Category Main courses
préparation: 35 min.
portions: 6 people
difficulté: low

Cooking process


The omelet with monk beard is a tasty second base plate of a little known ingredient that perhaps in the spring appears on the markets and supermarket counters: the monk's beard, a’grass tender, very versatile in the kitchen, also called agretto.
The preparation of the omelet with monk beard is very fast: after cleaning and boiled the bearded monk in boiling water for about ten minutes, this is combined with the beaten eggs with bacon, to primosale and parmesan. Cook everything in a pan for ten minutes, and immediately you have your plate!
The omelet with monk beard is a tasty way to use the monk's beard and can be served either as a second, is diced to begin with taste a lunch or dinner.

Bearded monk with anchovies

eggs great 6
monk's beard (agretti) to clean 250 g
Speck 50 g
First salt 200 g
Parmesan cheese 30 g
Extra virgin olive oil 6 tablespoons
Fine salt q.s.
black pepper q.s.


Frittata with monk beard

To prepare the omelet with monk beard, started cleaning the monk's beard: reddish eliminated the final end (1) and carefully washed the monk's beard under running water (2), then boil it in a pot of’salt water for about ten minutes. Drain well, place it on a cutting board and cut it into pieces roughly (3), leaving the still rather long wires.

Frittata with monk beard

Cut the primosale not too small cubes (4) and the bacon into strips (5). In a bowl beat the eggs (6).

Frittata with monk beard

Now add the monk's beard (7), Parmigiano Reggiano (8), primosale (9),

Frittata with monk beard

and bacon (10). Mix all the ingredients with the help of a fork, then add salt and pepper (11). Put in a pan the’oil and let it heat (12),

Frittata with monk beard

when hot pour the mixture (13) and cover with a lid (14). Cook for about ten minutes on medium low drone and then, with the aid of the lid, turn the omelette, turning it upside down and slide it back into the pan. Cook for another 5 minutes on’other side without the cover (15). The omelet with monk beard is ready, you can serve it as a main dish, or diced, if the omelet with monk beard will serve to enrich the buffet of an aperitif.


The omelet with monk beard can be stored in the refrigerator for two days, closed in an airtight container.
We do not recommend freezing.


you do not have all the ingredients needed to prepare the omelette with monk beard? No problem: the omelets are great because they lend themselves to a thousand replacements, have a quick and tasty way to recycle the ingredients waiting to be consumed in our refrigerator.
The omelet with monk beard really lends itself to many variations: you can replace the bacon with the bacon, primosale with mozzarella.
For vegetarians: you can omit the bacon perhaps replacing it with diced peppers.