Visit New York, what to do in the Big Apple

Flights to New York

If you can, you book the flight in advance and be flexible with dates. A tip is to not go on the air companions sites, but to look for the cheapest flight to specialized search engines, as GoVolo, eDreamers, SkyScanner, Kayak, liligo, opodo.

Where to stay: New York hotels

Major flaw of the city hotels are very expensive and the standards of quality and cleanliness let it down. If you do not want to spend astronomical sums for housing in large hotel chains in Manhattan, you can rent a room and sleep in the home of a New York: the Airbnb website to look for accommodation by renting rooms from people in 192 countries around the world. The best option for those who want a less touristy vacation and discover the local dimension.

The coolest neighborhoods

Apart from the usual tourist must like Central Park, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Statue of Liberty, there are neighborhoods that you absolutely must visit.

The most cool of the moment is the Meatpacking District: Ancient place of storage of meat and food storage, has undergone a redesign to accommodate exceptional in the former warehouses of clothing and designer shops, bars and restaurants, the culinary specialties markets, a mega store Apple with three floors and offices of Google. This has become "the place to be" in New York. To get there, take the green walk from Chelsea (at 23rd Street) along the High line, a raised platform that has become fashionable footbridge, between the houses of the city. Plants and flowers, modern sculptures, open spaces of grass and kiosks will make you appreciate this strip of green in the midst of the palaces.

Get off at the 13rd-14th Street and enter the Chelsea Market, warehouse space transformed into the food market where you can taste, buy and eat food. Our recommendation Oyster bar for lovers of oysters and fish and the restaurant Giovanni Rana (Do you enjoy the mini-samples of fresh pasta at the entrance if you have a light bite).

The restaurant to dine within walking distance, and do not miss it Bouddakan, the glamorous hangout of Sex & The City and among the most popular in the capital. The cuisine is Asian fusion, delicious and refined, and highly recommended book.

previously it had Greenwich Village the trendy neighborhoods, remains the center of the artists and eclectic shopping less commercial. Shop with The Market NYC, in the famous Bleeker Street, a space that hosts local artists and designers where you can find handmade jewelry, vintage items, clothing, soaps and more. I recommend you take a look at the stand of two artists who make headbands and exceptional headgear, to the left of Dora Marra and Vibe Jewels.

In the district there is also the famous jazz club, Blue Note, which hosts local and international artists. If you love contemporary art, do not miss the Chelsea galleries:  up to 530 W 25th Street there is a building of several floors which houses several galleries. It will seem strange because from the outside there are a few signs and the window is virtually nonexistent, you must enter into this kind of ex-stock and to take a freight elevator to find out entire floors dedicated to exhibitions of contemporary artists. The galleries share the space in harmony.

The musical to be seen

There are many, from the classics like my goodness to more recent as Wicked is The Phantom of the Opera. The most spectacular sets and costumes for it in my opinion The Lion King, a surprising succession of African landscapes rendered with creative effects in the background of continuously moving scenes; the music and the characters drag the audience into the story with emotion and laughter. Pets recreated by realistic and fascinating costumes, adapted to be worn on the back of the actors.

For years, this musical is represented and the success continues, like both large and for children.

To find discounted tickets, head to Times Square kiosk the day of the performance.

Musical the Lion King

Getting around

Public transport in NY are a lot efficient. Unless you do not have to travel great distances, I recommend you prefer bus Subway, to discover the beauty of the city comfortably seated. Buy a Metro Card vending machines Metro and loaded 10-11 dollars, enough for 4 valid races in both underground and in the bus.

The buses run from north to south across Manhattan and, given the configuration of the city - a rectangle crossed by the Avenues vertically and horizontally from the Streets - it is very easy to navigate.

Where to eat

The real question is: how to avoid junk food? Specia in Midtown, in the central heart of the city and close to major tourist attractions, there is a swarm of fast food, hot and cold tables, sandwich bar, supermercatini, drug-store propinano unhealthy food and pre-packaged. Have breakfast from Starbakcs, dine in the self-service space Whole Foods (Affordable, good and all bio) at 59 St Columbus Circle. Dine in American venues for a real burger, there are many on '8th Avenue. If you want to experience a true American diner, do not miss Brooklyn Diner (212 W57th St), have featured cakes to Mary Poppins, the place looks like a chic version of Happy Days.

The most beautiful view

For a breathtaking view overlooking the best it is to be Top of the Rock, on top of the Rockefeller Center. If you want to see, instead, all the Manhattan skyline go Brooklyn and walks Brooklyn Promenade Heighs (2-3 meters Clark St, metro A-C High St.)

The funniest store

A Times Square is the megastore M&M'S: three floors of gadgets and tasty M&M's colorful, plain or with peanut and almond. It is the only place to find all the colors, make a personal composition in bags or containers of various shapes, and you can even customize them by overwriting phrases and print photos. The latest trend is to make the marriage proposal with M&M's, with the words "Will you marry me?"

The finest jewelry

Silver bracelet Tiffany & amp; Co.
Silver bracelet Tiffany&Co.

If you have seen Breakfast at Tiffany's, You understand what I'm talking about. enter from Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue is an experience: the ground floor the sparkle of diamonds of every color impresses the most of the lack of prices eyes. You have to get close to inquire us, but there is something for every budget: just take one of four lifts, each with Butler or gentle escort, and get off on the third floor where there is a department dedicated to silver.

The pendant heart-shaped ignition, with the inscription Tiffany's New York, is a gift that makes the scene at the price of $ 75, packaged in the fateful blue box with fitted bag. If the occasion is special, bets on ringed silver bracelet with heart signed for $ 250.