The feast of cjarsòns between the mountains of Friuli

Cjarsòns of Piedim, gluttony proposals on the feast of June 5.

cjarsòns It names it, curious and exotic, of Ravioli greedy typical of Carnia, a mountain area of ​​Friuli whose valleys were crossed over time as trade, migration and different cultures.

Their origin is linked to cramârs, vendors of spices that, in the '700, they crossed the Alps on foot to sell in northern countries exotic goods purchased in Venice and placed in their crassigne, a sort of small wooden drawers that these travelers wore as a backpack. Once you return home from their long journeys, preparing these agnolotti potato dough, using as filling of ricotta cheese mixed with a rich variety of ingredients: spices, dried fruit, raisins, oriental spices and herbs who were at the bottom of their crassigne.

Even today many are the different variants these agnolotti, whose filling changes not only from country to country, but also from family to family: there are over 50 types. Every housewife idea its own version, using the best pantry and combining fresh ingredients with spices including potatoes, spinach, apples, mint, raisins and spring herbs, with an addition of melted butter or cottage cheese.

The festival dedicated to cjarsòns

At this gluttony, not exactly low-calorie, is dedicated each year the first weekend in June, the feast Cjarsòns, the tradition of carnia, that takes place Sutrio, charming town on the mountains of Friuli.

The June 5 strolling among the 10 tasting islands set up in the most beautiful places of Sutrio (UD), you can taste the unusual flavors of this dish, meet today those who produce them as usual, according to ancient recipes, revisited and family.

To participate in the food and wine event are ten countries of all the valleys of Carnia, who will offer each their own recipe to visitors. They will be able to taste different varieties of cjarsòns: savory or sweet, flavored with spring herbs or small chocolate shavings, with onion and lemon balm, accompanied with the finest wines of Friuli large companies.

A package to live the experience

To fully experience the festival, you can stay in Borgo Soandri, the diffuse hotel with rooms (or rather mini apartments with kitchen furnished at all points) obtained from the renovation of old houses in the country.

The weekend package is two nights in B&B, It expected to Saturday guided hike to collect and know and medicinal herbs, and a cooking class with a lady of Sutrio to learn how to make "cjarsòns of Sudri" and Sunday voucher to the tasting of wines and cjarsòns.

Cost: 125 Euros per person.