Stockholm, a run in the Venice of the North

Stockholm, Sweden's capital and economic and cultural center of reference throughout the northern Europe, It is certainly one of the most fascinating cities in the Old Continent, as it is developed on fourteen islands "principal" in a unique position, where a lake, "Malaren" unites its waters with those of the Baltic Sea thus generating a myriad of waterways and roads because of which Stockholm has earned the nickname "Venice of the North". Rich in history, museums and modernity, Stockholm is a favorite destination for international tourism and no wonder then that it began an organization that has as its main objective to guide the Italian tourists who decide to visit the Swedish capital:, the tour operator Franco-Swede who work "on site" in Sweden but animated by Italian staff. And besides the many offers and "traditional" proposals, here spuntarne a truly original for lovers of running ...

Shirt, running shoes and go!

Along the channels on the boat, to discover the most beautiful places; visit the incredible Vasa ship museum, the only warship built in '600 and still existing and well preserved; along the central medieval quarter and its labyrinth of lanes dotted by shops and discover the cathedral, the royal palace and the town hall, where since 1901 the Nobel Prizes are awarded; or enjoy the surroundings of Stockholm visiting the natural beauty of the 24,000 islands and islets which constitute the surface of the region. In short, no shortage of attractions and suggestions that can lead you to choose a vacation to discover the great North and the secular culture of Stockholm. As there are plenty of public transport, traditionally very efficient, to travel it. Now, what it is the simplest means of locomotion, cheap and always available? Simple: our legs. And here launches new and original idea, a way "different" to experience a guided tour through the city: follow it running! "A race in Stockholm"It is precisely the payoff of this unique initiative addressed, of course, to the lovers of running and the outdoors. Of course, you need to be fit to go along with the guides at 10 kilometers of the scheduled times determined for each "level" of preparation.

Stockholm, a run in the Venice of the North

Two routes for live racing Stockholm

The running-tour It will be realized every day from mid June to mid September at a cost of 20 Euros and it is aimed at those who can withstand a rate of about 5.5 minutes per kilometer, in order to maintain homogeneous group. Those who wish to follow other timing, faster or slower, can form a group and book the excursion on request, agreeing on the "speed" to hold. Are available two alternative routes: In the "Race Tour" in the heart of Stockholm's historic center is the hub of the different stages. Starting from the forecourt of the Royal Palace you touch all the center, the island of the Knights, City Hall, Sodermalm. The route is undulating and also contains uphill sections that will test the breath of which, in addition to race, the participants will discuss all the "secrets" of the city, its history, its culture. flat as is instead the second route that winds around the city park Djurgården, the largest urban: tapping the Vasa, the Skansen museum, the elegant neighborhood and to Östermalm as well as along a picturesque stretch of waterfront. A unique opportunity, so to combine his passion for the race than for the beauty, culture and curiosity. If you are in Stockholm, do not miss this opportunity ...