Sister Cristina Scuccia, The Voice of God

Sister Cristina

you know Sister Act? Well, it's really successful and well in our country. I do not know how you follow or appreciate the now countless talent show who flock to the small screen. But no matter what you think, it is undeniable that sometimes gift of small pearls. Like what happened to Susan Boyle to Britain's Got Talent or to Choi Sung Bong in the corresponding Korean. In the second Italian edition of the Dutch branch format The Voice, during the second episode, It made its irruption Sister Cristina Scuccia, twenty-five Ursuline Comiso. It has certainly not gone unnoticed, materializing the angelic choir directed by Whoopi Goldberg in the 1992 famous film A surprise that it has become in a few days viral on the web: million views of his performance and tweet mountains and comments on Facebook for more enthusiastic. Here's what happened ...

Contingencies of blind audition

For those less familiar to the mechanism of the show, here's what happens. The talent provides for the formation of teams for the race itself and follow each other hearings. The four judges-captains, Pelù, Raffaella Carra, Noemi and rapper J-Ax, They are sitting behind the stage and hear the performances of aspiring talents. If an item looks interesting, the judge for "recruit" in his team the lead singer in question, must press a button that puts an end to "blind audition", turns the chair and allows them to see the stage. And who is performing. At some punecco a new exhibition, to the tune of No One of Alicia KeysThe audience explodes after a few notes in an incredible and almost "premature" ovation that puts a healthy curiosity in the vocal-coach. Who will be the owner of this scratchy and vital voice? And then, one by one, they all turn ...

Also crying hard rapper ...

Unbelievable. So incredible that what we have seen sweeps any reservations about whether it is appropriate or not that a nun who performs in this way. Sister Cristina, has no such problems: "Now I'm expecting a call from Pope Francis," and again: "I am here to show that God does not take away nothing, but gives everything". Simple, right? And irrefutable. Much to conquer two inveterate unbelievers as Pelù and J-Ax that assist in disbelief and with shining eyes to what is happening. And when the young Ursuline chooses the hyper-tattooed rapper as a coach, just missing the sisters behind the scenes to be a heart attack. Which J-Ax, enthusiastic, ruled "we are beaten, we are the devil and holy water".

In short, in the midst of such flatness, finally something really exciting and absolutely genuine. Because Cristina is so seraphic as unsettling in its replies: sicilana, twenty-five, moved closer to their faith through music, which was his first passion. After being rejected in the selections of Friends at eighteen, Cristina makes up her mind to go to X-Factor and begin studying. Then, in 2007, her mother read an article on the conversion of Claudia Koll and how the Academy founded by the Ursuline nuns and directed by former actress, were trying the main character for a musical about Sister Rosa, the founder of the order. That was the spark of Cristina's focus, however, he has never forgotten the music, a powerful tool with which it comes into contact with people. As in Brazil, where he finished his novitiate. As in his Christian Rock concerts. The Voice of God.

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