Sculptures to wear MO and MA

Two names for many jewels, MO and MA

MO and MA, the first syllable of two proper names (freshen up a bit 'of grammatical analysis): Monica, you, Mario, him.
Two smiling faces beyond a banquet prepared in a seaside village where I come from, in Salento. The situation more or less this: you walk towards the little bar to sip a cool drink with friends and pitch it stops at a banquet (yes, women and their curiosity!). Jewels that tell specific diminish the sense of what I would like to put into words, of those who kidnap electrocution two planes: the head and the heart. The first because the creations (necklaces, rings, earrings) are stylish, unusual, have names that make you think (and fulfilled the phenomenal revelation of the "cogito ergo sum" of Descartes). The second is the emotional level, yes, because when you look at them you feel wrapped, the shapes are sinuous and, between circularity and names that suggest stories, "levitate" feelings. "Paths", for example, it is much akin to interiority of each: a journey to discover who we are and who we want to be.

The pride of those who create

Needless to say I'm excited to be seeing these creations and I've looked up to search for the eyes or the face of who the creator / creative. I've found two, MO and MA. I think I thought the strength of the building, one of two.
Monica has returned my gaze with laughing eyes, I asked her if she was the author, and he said yes with great pride. That's the beauty, pride shines through the creations of those unique pieces as each concept or story that is.
I asked Monica a business card or something that would allow me to be able to track down the web with ease, I could not help talking to her, there are many people who, like me, had focused to observe, ask, try.

Sculptures to wear. Who are MO and MA?

The collection of MO and MA is made up of rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants.
The jewels / sculptures (in fact their name is MO and MA wearable sculptures) In bronze, silver, steel, (in addition to other materials such as stone, wood and resins) they are made with the technique of lost-wax casting.

The name given to each of the pieces, could not be more appropriate than this: "Planets", as balances above that we can not know but exist; the ring "Secrets" lurks in its form a cavity, inside is a hidden gem, a precious element that we decide to disclose or not, that remains a secret.
MO, Monica Buraggi, he worked for 20 years in publishing and decided, then, to move on to a new life. Attracted by music therapy and psicotattile notification arrived, among other things, the GNP Integrated Humanities of which today is counselor; He is also involved in work on the body: Intuitive Massage, qhaqoi Andean, Hawaiian lomi lomi, stone oriental massage.

Sculptures to wear MO and MA
BUT, Mario Cristofori, He has worked at the factory for 25 years as a technician in metalworking.
She says, creates the movement, he gives him stability. From their union were born forms, emotions mirror.

Makers on the move, Shop Open Air

The two makers have been around forever, from Turin to Milan, Rome, here on September 21 will be guests at Monti Market in Review "Talents of the month" (If you are here, let us jump!). Also, to learn about openings and monthly schedules just contact Monica via email or by phone, their is a Shop Open Air. Similarly, they have a sufficient number of people and a place (home or office or school) and Monica goes on the spot with the "store" in tow.
Original and practical, right?

How many want to know more details and to enter into direct contact with Monica and Mario to see live or follow developments, always in progress, the collection MO and MA Sculptures to wear, Hence the Facebook page reference.