Kurt Cobain, 20 years after death

After four albums and a world success, in April 1994, Kurt Cobain, voice of the group Nirvana, He decided to end his life. The singer committed suicide by shooting himself at his home in Shuttle, leaving a daughter of just two years. Nirvana, the band that had marked the history of music in the nineties and beyond, and the other two broke up Dave Grohl and Kris Novoselic components, went their separate ways (though a few months ago we heard them along with another great interpreter , Paul McCartney, to Grammy Awards 2014).

nevermind combed Thunder
A comic book that tells the story of Kurt Cobain and a whole generation
Certainly the figure of Kurt Cobain has always been that of a man tormented, subject to continuous depression and drug abuse. In an interview he revealed that he started smoking marijuana at age 13 and had attempted suicide before April 1994.

20 years have passed since that tragic event, but Kurt Cobain continues to live in songs like Smell Like Teen Spirit is Come As You Are, songs that everyone, even the very young, they know. And on the occasion of twenty years after his death the singer, from April 9, we find in the bookstore Nevermind acclaimed Italian cartoonist Tuono Pettinato. The comic book traces the life of Cobain, spokesman of a generation in crisis, always looking for some stunning to avoid pain. After glitterosi 80s, in which Cindy Lauper sang Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Girls just wanna have fun), and Madonna Like a Virgin (Like a virgin) in super colorful clothes or super provocative, the fall of the Berlin Wall and everything changed ...