Sweet Bread Recipe

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Category Leavened
préparation: 75 min.
portions: 8 people
difficulté: average

Cooking process


The brioche is one of the most versatile kitchen basic preparations. French origin, brioche is a leavened often served in the form of graceful trunk, fragrant and slightly sweet, with a soft texture perfect for preparing french toast or just use instead of bread or toasted bread smeared with jam and marmalade. The brioche is not hard to do, just follow the few steps that we explain in our recipe and so you will get a fantastic product baked homemade. From now on you you will delight family and guests at breakfast or at any time of the day with your preparations, ranging with the fantasy: that of brioche in fact is a very versatile dough to which you can give your favorite shapes to create many different recipes each day: delicious pastries, sandwiches and delicious savory appetizers!

Pan salty brioche

Ingredients for one from 26x11 cm mold
eggs (About 2) 115 g
00 flour 270 g
Milk at room temperature, 20 g
sugar 25 g
Butter softened 135 g
dry yeast 2 g
Fine salt 5 g
for brushing
Yolks 1
Liquid fresh cream 10 g
for greasing
Butter q.s.


Sweet bread

To prepare the brioche started by weighing all the ingredients, considering that they will all be at ambient temperature to ensure a perfect success. In a planetary sift the flour through a sieve (1). United also dehydrated yeast (you may use about 7 grams of fresh crumble directly into the planetary) and sugar (2) and then pull the planet to which you have mounted the leaf (or K whip) (3).

Sweet bread

Then add the lightly beaten eggs (4), pour out a little’ at a time thus allowing to’mixture to gradually absorb them. Do the same with the milk at room temperature, flush pouring it (5). Knead until you have a smooth dough (6).

Sweet bread

Replace the leaf with the hook and pour the butter, too, little by little (7), waiting for you to absorb a bit before adding the next. Only at the end add the salt (8). At this point you will have to continue to work the’mixture, at low speed, for about 20 minutes. THE’dough should incordarsi the hook, that will literally twist the dough hook. Helping you pull the dough with a tarot and transferred the’dough on a floured work surface soon (9)

Sweet bread

knead for 1-2 minutes (10) and then pirlatelo (11), that is, formed a sphere, which will pour into a container and cover with plastic wrap (12). At this point the dough will have to rise for about an’hour (or until the volume will not be doubled), in the oven turned off but with the light on.

Sweet bread

After the interval, transferred the’dough on a lightly floured pastry board and form a loaf, simply by gently pulling the’dough with hands (13). From this you get 8 pieces of about 70 grams per’one, cutting them with a tarot (14). Shape into balls working the pieces one at a time, swing them in his hands. Then take a couple of folds in each ball, in this way, raise a flap and move it towards the center of the sphere, then do the same with another end (15).

Sweet bread

Arrange the balls, with part of the folds facing towards the bottom, in a loaf pan of buttered 26x11 cm, placing them in two rows (16). Let rise in this way for about 2 hours, always in the oven with light on until they have reached the middle of the mold (17). Brush with a yolk’beaten egg with the liquid fresh cream (18)

Sweet bread

and cook in preheated conventional oven at 170 degrees for about 35 minutes (for this recipe is not recommended to cook in a convection oven, since the’dough may become too dry!) ​​(19). If you notice that during baking the brioche bread darkens too quickly to the surface, cover with aluminum foil after the first 30 minutes of cooking; possibly do the toothpick test to check it is cooked before turning out. When your brioche is ready you just need sfornarlo, pull out to let it cool down for about ten minutes on a wire rack (20), before it can be enjoyed (21). You can detach the individual parts that make it up or serve it sliced ​​to smear jam, marmalade or hazelnut cream or to make a delicious french toast!


The brioche tends to dry very quickly, so keep always kept under a bell jar, or in a freezer bag, and wear it for 1-2 days. You can prepare the’dough the night before, arrived at the first rising, let rise for a’hour and then store in refrigerator overnight. The next day you left to acclimatize for a few d’hours and continue as the recipe.

You can freeze the brioche pan once cooked and cooled completely, perhaps sliced ​​so as to defrost as needed.


Make your most fragrant brioche grating the zest of citrus fruits, for example orange and lemon! You can customize the forms to be given to’dough, for example, by forming a braid or of small rolls to be baked on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.


The brioche word indicates a very soft dough that lends itself very well to sweet and savory preparations, due to its very neutral taste because of the low amount of sugar present, and that allows you to have a mixture with a light complexion. In contrast to the puff pastry, which needs to be processed in a cool environment, the brioche needs a warm place to rise naturally and gently. THE’origin of the name seems to be quite controversial. Alexandre Dumas attributed the name to the famous cheese brie, because it originally seemed that the’dough was made right with brie. While fonta most reliable seems to take for good even two terms such as brier in the sense of kneading or broyer in the sense of work, of course l’dough.