Recipe sweet Danube to Nesquik

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Category Leavened
préparation: 65 min.
portions: 15 pieces
difficulté: low

Cooking process


The sweet Danube to Nesquik is a sweet soft dumplings made with yeast dough flavored Nesquik stuffed with orange marmalade and chocolate chips.
The peculiarity of the Danube is to be composed of bundles of pasta which are distributed in a baking pan one near to’another so that during the leavening and baking it creates a compact patty.
Once cooked. Wonton would look as nibbles and just break them with your hands to divide and cut the portions, practices to be enjoyed. Let groped by the unique taste of the sweet Danube to Nesquik with a delicious heart of the citrus scent.

Mini plum pistachio with heart Nesquik

Ingredients for 15 tidbits
Nesquik 100 g
Manitoba flour 175 g
00 flour 120 g
Whole milk 100 ml
Butter 50 g
eggs 1
sugar 15 g
dry yeast 4 g
Fine salt 2 g
Orange peel , hard 1
For the stuffing
Orange jam 150 g
Chocolate chips 80 g
for brushing
eggs 1


sweet Danube to Nesquik

To prepare the sweet Danube to Nesquik sift the flours and put them in the bowl of a planetary equipped with leaf (1) (if you do not have a planetary you can knead by hand with a fork to incorporate the liquid to the flour). Add the Nesquik (2), the rind’grated orange (3)

sweet Danube to Nesquik

and operate the planetary to begin to incorporate the ingredients. Dissolve yeast (alternatively you can use 15 g of fresh yeast) in warm milk and add to the compound (4), add the other ingredients while maintaining operated planetary: l’beaten egg (5), sugar (6),

sweet Danube to Nesquik

salt (7) and the softened butter one piece at a time until the’the dough’It has absorbed completely (8) (if mixed by hand, add the ingredients a little at a time making sure that an ingredient is well mixed before adding another, in this way will not form lumps in the dough). Once you have finished incorporating the butter, transferred the’dough on a floured surface and knead for a few minutes (9-10)

sweet Danube to Nesquik

if it becomes too soft, add a little 'little by little flour. Form a ball with the dough, put it in a bowl covered with plastic wrap (12) and let it rise for about 3 hours in the oven with the light on (at a 25 ° temperature),

sweet Danube to Nesquik

to double its volume (13). After this time transferred the’dough on a work surface (14) and disconnect from’dough balls 15 from 40 g l’a. Roll out each ball lightly using a rolling pin (15) obtaining of thick disks about 1/2 cm

sweet Danube to Nesquik

put the center 10 g of jam d’orange (16) and 6 g of chocolate chips (17). Re-close the disc by creating bundles (18). Continue until you finish the dough.

sweet Danube to Nesquik

Take a roasting pan that measures 28 x 18 cm, wrap it with baking paper (19) and lying inside the dumplings with the closing down so that it can not be opened and a short distance from each other, the dumplings should almost touch (20). Cover the pan with plastic wrap (21) and let rise again for about a Danube’now always in the oven with the light on (at a temperature of about 25 °).

sweet Danube to Nesquik

passed a’now the balls will have risen and it will be attached to each other forming a single block (22). Brush the surface of the Danube with yolk’beaten egg (23) so that it appears glossy after baking. Cook the danube at 180 ° preheated conventional oven for 40 minutes (24) or in a ventilated oven at 160 ° for 30 minutes. The Danube will be ready when the surface will be shiny and slightly darker. Baked the Danube to Nesquik, let cool and serve the dumplings as a single portion.


It is advisable to consume the Danube within a couple of days. You can freeze the balls of the Danube after’last leavening. When thawed the Danube must have the’foresight to let it rise for a’another hour before cooking.


You can replace the orange marmalade with any other jam to your liking: strawberry, apricot, peach, cherry, berry.
If you do not have a roasting pan, you can use a round cake pan of 24 cm diameter.