Recipe Stuffed Focaccia pinched

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Category Leavened
préparation: 80 min.
portions: 10 people
difficulté: average

Cooking process


The leavened, sweet or savory, always give great satisfaction to those who prepares elaborate them, but also to those who taste them especially if made of original shapes! Have you already tried the Tuttigusti focaccia and cake of roses? Then you can not miss the recipe of the pinched stuffed focaccia: a soft dough left to rise and spread by hand, by coppare to create pretty roses stuffed with cubes of cheese and cold cuts alternating with a spicy filling of ‘nduja! Each little rose hides the appetizing content that you can personalize with whatever you feel teases the palate. Dough we added milk Kefir, one of the oldest fermented milk-based beverages, in addition to being rich in properties, promotes rising of their own focaccia thanks to enzymes which is rich! What are you waiting? Your guests are waiting to savor this tasty stuffed focaccia pinched!

Tuttigusti focaccia

Ingredients for the dough to a baking pan of 32 cm in diameter
eggs (Small) 1
00 flour 300 g
kefir milk 75 g
Whole milk 75 g
sugar 9 g
dry yeast 3 g
Seed oil 40 g
Fine salt 6 g
for the stuffing
cheese 100 g
Emmentaler 80 g
Baked ham (One slice) 140 g
nduja 100 g
for brushing
eggs 1


stuffed focaccia pinched

To prepare the stuffed focaccia plucked started from’dough. In a planetary provided with hook pour the sifted flour, dried yeast (1) and sugar (2) and pull the planetary low speed. Then add the milk and kefir milk to flush ambient temperature (3).

stuffed focaccia pinched

As you continue to mix well, add the’of wire seed oil (4). Then add the’at room temperature egg (5) and when it is absorbed, add the salt (6).

stuffed focaccia pinched

Continue to knead for about another 5 minutes until the’dough will be well-strung on the hook (7). So move it on a floured work surface and knead with your hands (8) to give it a spherical shape (9).

stuffed focaccia pinched

Put the’dough in a large bowl and cover with transparent plastic wrap (10). Let rise for 4 hours in the oven with light on (at a temperature of 26-30 ° maximum). Meanwhile proceed with the preparation of the filling. Take the Emmentaler and cheese and cut into small cubes (11), repeating the’operation with the ham (12).

stuffed focaccia pinched

After rising time resume the’dough has doubled in volume (13) and transfer it to a lightly floured pastry board; with a rolling pin roll up to obtain a sheet of 5 mm thickness (14). Then cover the pastry dough with a clean tea towel and let stand for 10 minutes (15). This is necessary to prevent the immediately coppando’This mixture withdraws.

stuffed focaccia pinched

Create of dough disks with the’help of a pastry rings of 8 cm diameter (16). THE’advancing dough may be reused for additional disks. You can farciere half of the disks obtained with the diced ham and Emmentaler (17) and the’half a teaspoon of 'nduja and cubes of cheese (18), taking care to leave a space from the edge to prevent the leakage of the filling during cooking.

stuffed focaccia pinched

Take a drive and fold it in half to get a half-moon (19), and then converge in the center of the crescent ends in order to give the form of small little rose (20). Mash well the ends with your fingers to seal the’dough. Repeat the’operation with all discs. So take a pan out of the diameter of 32 cm and line with parchment paper. Arrange the stuffed rosellne into the pan, starting from the edges (21) alternating with ones filled with verses.

stuffed focaccia pinched

Then fill the entire mold to the center, also overlapping the roses in the center with a second layer if necessary (22). Brush lightly with beaten egg whole stuffed focaccia pinched (23) and bake in oven preheated to 200 degrees for 20 minutes (or in a convection oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes). Your baked stuffed focaccia pinched, allow to cool to room temperature and… Taste it still hot (24)!


Stuffed focaccia pinched may be kept covered in the bell jar for up to 2-3 days in the refrigerator. Heat it slightly before serving.

It can freeze it once cooked if they have been used only fresh ingredients. E 'can also freeze it as raw. For baking the cake thaw at room temperature, brush them with egg and bake as indicated.


The filling is the fun part of this focaccia: off to the imagination! Get jiggy with combinations of cheese and salami that you like and which meet the tastes of your guests!


The Kefir milk that is used in this recipe is a drink derived from fermented milk and is widely used in the regions of Eastern Europe, especially in Russia and the Caucasus.

Tradition has it that it is prepared with fresh milk to which are added starters or granules of Kefir, hence the name of this drink. The use of fermented milk has very ancient origins that are lost in time: similar beverages are also mentioned in "The Million" by Marco Polo.

The kefir milk can be bought in better-stocked food stores, shops selling ethnic food, or in organic stores.