Recipe briochine yogurt with chocolate chips

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Category Leavened
préparation: 60 min.
portions: 4 pieces
difficulté: average

Cooking process


A soft dough, fragrant and full of delicious chocolate chip. Prepare this sweet awakening is simple: the briochine yogurt with chocolate chips are the perfect breakfast for the whole family. Just wait for the time to rise and become familiar to braid the dough, but the result will repay the effort.
Yogurt, especially if done in house, gives an irresistible softness to briochine that with the chocolate chips become even more tempting. Brush with egg and milk before baking then, become golden and shiny as those found in pastry! It just needs to begin to knead your briochine with yogurt and chocolate chips!

Panettoncini with chocolate chips

Serves 4 briochine
flour 0 175 g
Manitoba flour 175 g
Yogurt 100 g
Whole milk warm 70 g
dark chocolate chips 70 g
sugar 50 g
Sunflower oil 40 g
Honey 1 teaspoon
eggs average 1
Yolks 1
dry yeast 3 g
Fine salt 4 g
Orange peel Untreated 1
for brushing
eggs 1
Whole milk 1 spoon


Briochine yogurt with chocolate chips

To prepare briochine yogurt with chocolate chips, you can start by homemade yogurt in this way: mix natural yoghurt with 500 ml of fresh whole milk at room temperature, pour into a large bowl, cover with plastic wrap and suitable for microwave arranged within the container’Internal Smart Oven setting the automatic fermentation program 2-2 (max 500 g) weight. To set the automatic brewing function, just press the corresponding key twice. Once ready it will let rest in refrigerator for at least 6 hours. Meanwhile spent preparing briochine: put the chocolate chips in the freezer for about 1 h; Meanwhile, melt the dry yeast in warm milk (whole or semi-skimmed) (1), then pour 1 teaspoon of honey (2) and stir. Meanwhile in the bowl of a planetary pour the flour (instead of flour Manitoba you can use flour 0) and sugar (3), then also add the milk in which you have dissolved the yeast and honey.

Briochine yogurt with chocolate chips

Then pour the eggs (4) and started to work the ingredients with leafy hook (if you do not have a planetary you can use an electric mixer). United also the’Oil (5) flush and when it will be absorbed even pour yogurt (6).

Briochine yogurt with chocolate chips

Keep doing going whips and when’dough will be more compacted (7), then mount the hook (8) and add the salt (9).

Briochine yogurt with chocolate chips

Continue to let go of the planetary (10) then add to last the zest of 1 orange untreated (11). Simmer whips until the’dough does not wrap around the hook. Now that the’dough is ready, put it to rise in the oven covered with transparent film in the microwave, setting the rising program, a single press of the corresponding key. The mixture at the end of the program will be doubled in volume (12).

Briochine yogurt with chocolate chips

Meanwhile, pulled out of the freezer and the chocolate chips in the flour, setacciandole to eliminate the excess (13). Then spent the necessary time, when the’dough has doubled in volume, remove the film. Then add the drops to’dough (14) and knead with your hands to mix them (15).

Briochine yogurt with chocolate chips

transferred the’dough on a lightly floured surface (16). derived from’mix 12 loaves of 30-35 cm l’one (17) and started to form briochine this way: Place two small loaves crosswise, then folded halves right and left (18)

Briochine yogurt with chocolate chips

Do the same operation with the other half of the loaf (19) and continue in the same way for the two halves at the top and bottom (20-21).

Briochine yogurt with chocolate chips

Repeat folds until the end of the mix (22): then position the briochine yogurt on a round baking pan lined with parchment paper (23) and brush them with beaten egg with milk. Let them rise in this way still about 1 h at room temperature. Qiundi cook by setting the cooking program, the microwave convection, like a regular home oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes preheating the oven with rapid heating function. When the cooking program, your briochine yogurt with chocolate chips are golden and soft, ready to be baked and enjoy breakfast (24)!


You can keep the briochine cooked in a freezing bag or an airtight container for 1-2 days.
If you prefer, you can freeze the uncooked dough after the first rise. If necessary, you can thaw it in the refrigerator the night before, do it to warm to room temperature and cook your briochine!


Raisins are lovers? Then replace the chocolate chips or create variants you prefer!