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préparation: 50 min.
difficulté: high

Cooking process


The bread dough is one of those timeless recipes that sink their origins in the mists of time.
The preparation of this wonderful mix, which the Greeks called it the food of the gods, has its origins even in prehistoric times when man realized that he could get a workable paste, dust of crushed acorns combined with water.
His amazement grew even more when he learned to cook this mixture onto hot stones getting a harder product, but definitely tastier: the first attempt of bread. Of course, over time, the techniques to prepare the dough for the bread were refined, especially in the most careful selection of ingredients: the acorn flour was soon supplanted by ground cereals, such as barley or spelled.
The first to realize the importance that covered this miraculous mixture were, without a doubt, the Babylonians and the Egyptians followed closely by the Greeks, who added the basic dough, made of flour and water, although other ingredients. But it was the Romans who did know the bread dough, and made it a popular recipe. In contrast, in the Middle Ages, making bread and its consumption, it became a luxury only reserved for nobles and gentlemen, while the people had to be content with a simple dough made from barley or rye.
It was not until the Renaissance that the bread became again a popular food and, in this period of great revival, the recipe was revisited taking those features dear to us who still maintains today. The Renaissance bakers, in fact, introduced the’use of’innovative brewer's yeast and wheat flour of high quality.
The big breakthrough in the world of baking occurred, however, in the eighteenth century thanks to’invention of the kneading machine and the increasing production of artificial yeasts that made the preparation of the most simple and quick bread. Year after year, century after century,’dough for bread has maintained the same characteristics of a time and, as then, it is still one of the recipes most probably used also for its versatility.
With the’basic bread dough, in fact, you can achieve a great deal of preparations including pizzas, cakes and pies as well as a huge variety of breads and rolls.

Armenian bread

Ingredients for a 900 g dough
Manitoba flour 250 g
00 flour 250 g
water 300 ml
Extra virgin olive oil 50 g
Fine salt 8 g
dry yeast 3.5 g
Malt 1 teaspoon


Bread dough

To prepare the dough for the bread started to dissolve 3.5 g of dry yeast (or melt 12 g of fresh yeast) in warm water (1), along with a teaspoon of malt (or sugar) (2 ). Sift into a bowl (or on a work surface) along the Manitoba flour and flour 00, created a hole at the center, said the fountain, and pour in the yeast mixture, malt and water (3)

Bread dough

you will have to temper some 'with flour (4). Meanwhile, in the remaining warm water, dissolve the salt (5) and add the oil (6).

Bread dough

Pour in the liquid obtained on the flour, stirring with large, fast movements, until it is finished (7-8). Knead all, for about ten minutes, until you get a firm dough (9).

Bread dough

Transfer the dough on a floured work surface and knead again with both hands (10) for another 5 minutes. When the mixture is smooth and elastic give it the shape of a ball (11) so as to have then a round loaf (or if you prefer you can give an elongated shape to get a loaf). Place it at this point in a floured bowl, cover with plastic wrap (12) and let rise for about two hours in closed and turned off the oven (you can keep the light to accelerate rising).

Bread dough

When your bread dough has doubled in volume (13) once again put it on a floured work surface and rimodellatela shaped like a ball (14). Place the dough in the center of a baking tray lined baking with a sheet of baking paper (15) and let rise for another hour in a closed furnace and off. Put on the oven bottom a small container with water, to prevent the dough from drying out.

Bread dough

After this time the dough for the bread has again doubled in volume (16) and will be ready to be fired: practiced with a boxcutter blade smooth, four cuts on the surface of the dough (square shaped if the loaf is round or 3 miter for long if you have made a loaf) deep about 1 cm (17) and bake the loaf in oven preheated to 200 degrees for about 45-50 minutes. Baked loaf when it is golden brown (18) and because of your dough for bread can serve a great home made bread!


The dough for bread can be kept for a night, well wrapped in the film, in the refrigerator and then be cooked on the day after.
The dough for bread when baked loaf-shaped or strand should be allowed to cool and be retained in a plastic bag, to prevent it from drying, for 3 days. Once baked, it can also be portioned into 3/4 pieces and frozen in freezer bags.


To confirm the importance and universality of bread, many directors have chosen to include in the titles of their films this food: the unforgettable "Bread, Love and Dreams" of the 50's, through "Bread and Tulips", the latest "Bread and Roses".


Rise is the matter of some complexity, and the bread is well aware. This takes some time. If you also dedicate it to you and you can watch the miracle of levitation, do not hesitate and get yourself quickly of the yeast (by clicking here): slowness and joy are both insured! During preparation of the dough, usatene 270 grams.