Calzone of spousal recipe

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Category Leavened
préparation: 70 min.
portions: 8 people
difficulté: low

Cooking process


The Apulian gastronomic tradition is a treasure trove of recipes: simple but irresistible dishes, made with genuine and typical Mediterranean ingredients.
From this valuable archive, today we offer a rustic and tasty dish, the calzone of betrothal, presented by journalist and gastronome Sandro Romano, who will cook with Sonia.
With calzone in Apulia, it is generally defined as a closed pizza, containing different fillings, which change from country to country; the tradition of Bari wants the calzone is stuffed with gladness small onions, stewed in a pan and enriched with olives and anchovies.
Spousal is a dialect word for the onion-leek, onion bulbs still not swollen and very young, and exceptionally sweet.
The nuptials are not to be confused with leeks or onions but if you really can not recover them in your areas, sostituitili with them.
Puglia This calzone is done in many different ways: it can change the mixture, a pastry instead of leavened dough, and from country to country, if not from house to house, changing the filling. There may be black olives, salt cod or sweet versions with raisins.
The calzone with nuptials is a really good stuffed focaccia and special: you can not resist her fragrance!

Panzerotti (trousers) fried

Ingredients for a round baking pan of 24-26 cm diameter
nuptials already clean 1 kg
Green olives pitted 15
anchovies in oil 5 fillets
Extra virgin olive oil q.s.
Fine salt q.s.
water q.s.
for the dough
water 200 ml
00 flour 350 g
Fine salt 6 g
dry yeast 2 g
sugar ½ teaspoon


Calzone sponsali

To prepare the calzone nuptials, prepare the basic dough (we used the recipe for pizza dough without oil): Divide the total dose of warm water into two parts and dissolve in one part sugar and yeast Dry (alternatively you can use 8 g of fresh yeast) (1) and in the other rooms (2). Stir until melt well and then pour the liquid into a bowl in which you will have sifted flour; First pour the water with the yeast and sugar (3) and

Calzone sponsali

then pour in the water with the salt (4). Pick up the ingredients with your hands, kneading well and when you have collected all of them (5), reversed the dough on a pastry board and continue to work it with your hands, until you reach the desired consistency, which must be soft and elastic. You can perform these operations with a global gathering before the ingredients at medium speed with the leaf and then continuing to mix with the hook. Once your dough is smooth and soft, form a ball (6) and place it in a bowl, covered with plastic wrap, to rise for 1-2 hours in a warm place until it has doubled in volume.

Calzone sponsali

Meanwhile clean the nuptials: eliminate the root on the bottom (7); pull away the outer membrane (8) and also the upper cut green part (9) less tender.

Calzone sponsali

Coarsely cut the betrothal (10) and put them to simmer with a drizzle of’oil over low heat in a nonstick pan (11). The betrothal must cook slowly add a little 'of water (12) and let them dry for about 15 minutes. The betrothal must remain white and do not take too much color (otherwise become indigestible) but should soften.

Calzone sponsali

When cooked, salt lightly and abundant with black pepper (13) then add the pitted olives (whole or in pieces) and anchovies, breaking them with your hands (15). If there is a lot down in the pan, let it dry the betrothal still for a few minutes. Stir with a spoon, turn off the heat and let cool the filling.

Calzone sponsali

Regain your dough, that will be very swollen, divide it into two equal parts (16) and roll out the first piece, with the help of a rolling pin, into a round pastry (17), of about 30-32 cm in diameter (larger of about 4 cm than the diameter of the pan), thin about 4-5 mm. Brush with’an oil pan from the lower edges of 24-26 cm diameter (18) and

Calzone sponsali

foderatela with the sheet of dough, leaving a few cm of paste on the outside (19). The calzone stuffed with the stuffing sponsali, spreading it evenly over the entire surface (20). Roll out the remaining paste in a smaller disc, the diameter of about 22-24 cm, and cover it with the calzone (21). If the upper disc is very large, cut the excess dough.

Calzone sponsali

Close then the calzone, folding the edge along the entire perimeter (22-23) and the edges sealed by pressing with the tines of a fork (24).

Calzone sponsali

Brush entire surface of the calzone with the’oil, so you dorerà in the oven (25-26) and bake in oven preheated to 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes (if ventilated 160 degrees for 25-35 minutes). Baked calzone your betrothal (27), let it cool and let groped by its irresistible aroma!


Keep the calzone nuptials in the refrigerator for 3-4 days, covered with foil, and heat before serving.
You can freeze the calzone raw nuptials, but already stuffed and thaw it in the refrigerator the day before cooking.


The term sposale seems to derive from the Latin "sponsus" term, betrothed: it seems that during the ceremony of the Latin "sponsalia", which took place before the wedding true to ratify the promise of the father to marry his daughter, on the feast You could never miss a pie with onions.


The nuptials are a Puglian delight: the onion bulbs still very young and, therefore, very sweet. If you are unable to find them, do not despair: you can use in place of fresh onions or small and tender leeks. Same thing for the Apulian olives: find them in any market of typical products would be the best solution, but if does not happen, replace them with the olives you prefer, black, or those of your area, recommendation applies especially to Campania and Liguria!