We make order in his bedroom!

teach how to keep order in the room
from an early age to teach in order to keep your bedroom is very important

How many times we repeat a day to our children that Room should you do order and keeping everything clean? Many, perhaps too many times!
Whatever age the children have taught to take care of their own things, whether clothes, books or games rather than another, it is imperative first of all because everybody must be aware that keeping the house in order and your room is like a team sport where everyone has an important role. There is not only the mother involved in these tasks, but all together it "works" and there is a hand.
The kids room and children is often a real battlefield where the confusion often is hard to find anything pensado to have lost and gone forever!
We say enough to this chaos and reorders first before us ideas on how to organize the children's room, set the order and how to then teach it to our children.

toys in colorful boxes
Teach the order from an early age

Younger children needless to say ... just teach discipline through play, first to do together and then as people can do for themselves making them independent and aware. The games are what determine more clutter in a room so it is important to arm yourself with colored transparent boxes maybe see the content is convertible trunks for riporci within everything subdividing according to the shape games, color or type. It will be easy after finding the game you want because you know where it was stowed!

More rigor with children "great"

As the age of the children increases the clutter that is generated in the room it is also given by the clothes often left on a chair or on a bed of pure laziness!
We teach them that a dress can be placed back into the drawer or closet or hung on the hanger if you think rindossarlo. On the market have many nice ideas for decorate children's bedrooms and to make space without giving up the order!

We use the imagination even with the biggest and we make sure that the tidying becomes a pleasure as well as a duty to do every day.
We can divide jerseys, t-shirts, shirts, skirts and trousers for the season first and then according to the color gradation so open the closet or drawer at a glance everything it is in order and clearly visible.

tidying closets
Throw out the old to make way for the new!

We make room for new clothes and throw away the old and unusable without mercy! We do not store anything that we already know that will never be worn ... This is also a way to learn to keep everything in order and clean. even the decluttering It can be taught from an early age!

For school supplies, books, DVDs and everything that you can bring your children to the study or pastimes to play in the room provided for plastic containers where to store them perhaps with the above labels to better identify the content and colored shelves to fill always putting everything in order following a procedure such as the color, type and so on.
There are no magic tricks in the end to follow and even by manual methods, but only so much good will in teaching "How to"!