Upgrade the kitchen without changing the furniture: 5 DIY tricks

DIY: upgrade the kitchen.
DIY: upgrade the kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the whole house, a space turned to conviviality used by the whole family, whether we speak of a large kitchen that small.

After a year of purchase of a kitchen often tries to make changes to renew the environment, such as repainting of the walls, but a complete renovation is to engage an economic point of view. Despite this, there are ways to renew it without having to spend a fortune.

5 tips to upgrade the kitchen

1) REFRESH THE WALLS - The kitchen walls get dirty with much ease because of the fumes caused by the cooking of food. If you have a white kitchen you can think of a color such as green, gray or blue, the colorful kitchen currently it is fashionable.

2) RENEW THE WARDROBES - Even cupboards the kitchen can be simply refreshed by changing the color. With the new paint on the market any type of material can be painted in white to light up the environment, but if you prefer the color you can add that it is light or dark, depends on your taste, but also in that it provides the environment and do not neglect the natural light.

3) PLANT ADDITION - Another way to make a different environment not only using color on furniture and walls is given by 'adding plants and greenery in the kitchen. Simply choose door pretty pots of various shapes and to furnish immediately in a different way. The plants will fit on a kitchen counter, but you can also create their own dedicated shelves to hang on the wall.

4) LIBRARY IN KITCHEN - Many of the latest generation provide kitchens in addition to traditional cabinets of built-in libraries. The latter are very useful for storing cookbooks collected over the years. In this case, however, it will be appropriate that the bookshelves are positioned away from the sink to avoid getting wet, as it will be good they are at a distance from the stove to avoid getting dirty. You can create an ad hoc to be placed in a free kitchen wall, or retrieve it from the lower cabinets that remove the doors and with a little 'craft form their shelves.

5) APPLIANCES AND LIGHTING - If appliances have a few years to buy new ones it will really make a difference. As Change the lighting or add images to the kitchen. The suspension lamp on the kitchen table is elegant and creates good lighting for the space.