The wardrobe Ikea

Who does not want a large and practical wardrobe in your home? Often, however, we are over budget and we must give it up. It is not the case of Ikea closets that allow maximum flexibility, and more than reasonable prices.

Space choice

First we need to understand what is the most suitable place to be able to create our wardrobe without reducing too the room space; If instead we have a little room to devote entirely we just have to figure out how to make the most of every centimeter.

The possibilities are many:

closets scheme
  • along a wall, closing the space with the plasterboard or with sliding doors, and the minimum recommended size for two persons are 3.8 × 1.3 m. In this case there will be the bottom wall and fitted to the sides limit.
  • if the room is square should exploit the corners always creating a partition, and at worst, to keep the cost, you can also close with a simple heavy tent, easy to install "do in a corner of the room with the wall at 45 °: from you "without having to do the drywall. In this case we recommend a minimum of 2.5m side
  • In one corner of the room with closing at 90 °: this is the best solution for rectangular rooms and requires a minimum of 1.3m footprint per side

A necessary thing to predict, once you have decided where to place the cabin, is a point of light, so you can feed any lights or light bars inside. very important to ensure good lighting of the clothes and those inside to dress.

What gives us the Ikea catalog?

Leafing through the Ikea catalog we can find two possible solutions:

· The modular system  STOLOMEN

Walk-in closets Stolomen IKEA
Walk-in closets Stolomen IKEA

· The wardrobe PAX, naturally providing the solution and placing it in a day or so to serve herself as a dividing wall inside the room or resting it on the wall and then taking care to close the guadaroba environment as we said with a plasterboard partition wall or a beautiful curtain

Pax wardrobe IKEA
Pax wardrobe IKEA

The system STOLOMEN It has a lot of flexibility in height and allows us to get from 2.1 m to 3.3 m and then covers a bit 'all needs, from the most recent houses with medium to low ceilings to homes of times with large rooms with high ceilings. (If necessary also has the brackets for even more high ceilings).

As is clearly seen from the Ikea site there are a number of wall units already "default", or you can choose individual items. It will be important to assess whether we need a prevalence of shelves, drawers, sticks hanging clothes or if perhaps we need also to have a place for shoes.

Very convenient and practical is the mirror that clips to the structure and has a pivot that allows it to rotate so as to give us maximum flexibility while specchiamo. It also has the convenience of dual also be a container.

Surely the mirror and the presence of any mirrored walls inside the cabin are very useful not only from a practical point of view (in fact, if I can get two mirrors facing each other have the chance to see me full length, both in front that behind thanks to the game of reflections) but also because entering you will have the impression of a much wider and spacious cab.

Ikea Pax Planner

We invecee if we want to use the pax wardrobe to create our cabin, on the Ikea site we find the comfortable Pax Planner.

Entering the planner pax we can compose with an extreme simplicity our wall system, starting from the "PAX per day Solution" system, choosing the width that we want to cover with PAX modules and going to put in it all the elements that are useful, simply by dragging them with the mouse inside the structure. (See picture below)

The wardrobe Ikea 01

The PAX system has many accessories, in addition to the classic hangers, drawer dresser, basket also has the structure carries pants, removable hangers, glass shelves, pull-out baskets and countless types of compartments for shoes.

Once you have created your wall system, the system will allow you to print not only the image but also a list of all the pieces that make up the structure so as to have suffered an eye on costs. Also thanks to this handy list we can save much time when we will go to IKEA and especially be sure not to forget some essential component.

Of course then we can give a special touch to our wardrobe with spotlights to be placed in the shelf above the hangers or LED bars bar (see DIODER line of the Ikea catalog), in order to complete our cabin and make it even more practical.

Now we just have to pick any and maximize the potential that Ikea are truly endless.